Financial Sanctions

Financial sanctions can be applied to individuals and companies. Sanctions are imposed by governments and restrict the transactions and activities of a person or organisation. Sanctions may include freezing assets. The Sanction regime also affects those who wish to do business with individuals or companies under sanctions, as the rules of doing so are often very complex.

It is a criminal offence not to comply with sanctions.

Our team of white-collar crime lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with matters concerning international sanctions.

Our lawyers assist both companies and individuals with the following:

  • applications for licences, allowing to continue business activities
  • advise on obligations, responsibilities, rights
  • representation to UK authorities
  • challenging sanction decisions in courts
  • compliance advice
  • key personnel training


We challenge sanctions decisions through written representations to the Council of the EU and applications for annulment to the General Court of the EU.

Our team regularly makes successful applications.

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