How Sterling Law can help if you were refused entry to the United Kingdom?

Sterling Law 26.10.2021

Our immigration team has achieved a successful appeal in the First-Tier Tribunal, representing a Romanian national, who was refused entry to the UK on the grounds of public policy. Despite the past criminal conviction, Sterling Law identified strong advantages in our client’s case and successfully represented him

Our client, a Romanian national, first entered the UK in 2007 with his wife. The couple has two children, both British citizens. The client was always employed whilst in the UK and worked at Heathrow Airport. In May 2017, the client was convicted in Romania for attempted murder. The client returned to Romania to serve his sentence. He was released in June 2020 and returned to the UK in July 2020. On 3 April 2021, after traveling to Romania for his final probation appointment he was refused entry to the UK.

Ms Saifolarhi, instructed by Sterling Law successfully represented the client in

the Tribunal. It was submitted as follows:

  • ●  The appellant had served his sentence, complied with his probation obligations, and had been allowed to return to the UK having served the custodial element of his sentence.
  • ●  The assault was a completely isolated incident; there is oral evidence as to the courses undertaken by the appellant whilst in custody
  • ●  The appellant has two children who are British citizens, fully integrated into the British schooling system, and only know the UK as their home. English is spoken in the home.
  • ●  The appellant is the sole breadwinner for the family. So, it would be in the children’s best interests to maintain the family unity and that it would not be proportionate, in this case, to exclude the appellant from the UK.The appeal was allowed. Now, the client can continue living with his family in the UK.


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