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    If your employer refuses to pay


    Unfortunately, it is not a rare situation when workers suffer from unscrupulous behaviour of their employers.

    Sterling Law was honoured to represent the rights of employees of a large construction company. The employer (the company) continually refused to pay salaries to the construction workers. When the collective claim against the company was lodged, the employer had to react. The company decided to provide numerous untruthful excuses to the Court to justify itself. Firstly, the employer stated that those builders who had lodged the collective claim had not been working for the company. This argument failed, so the next excuse was that the amount of outstanding salaries was fabricated and did not correspond to reality. When this tactic also failed, the final argument was that the quality of work had not been satisfactory.

    The employees instructed Sterling Law to represent them. Our Trainee Solicitor Michael Iatsukha, did not leave any chances for the employer to win the case. Due to Michael’s robust presentation and active communication with the employer’s representative, Sterling Law was able to protect the builders’ rights in full.

    As a result, the employer agreed to pay a quarter of the amount claimed at the beginning. Later, Sterling Law pressed for the full amount of the outstanding salaries to be paid out to the workers, which was done in due course. Should you find yourself in a similar situation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    We are ready to do our best to fight for justice and protect your rights.


    Michael Iatsukha



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