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    Sterling Law Successfully Represents Client Seeking Asylum Due to Persecution for Sexual Orientation


    In a significant victory for human rights and the LGBTQ+ community, Sterling Law has achieved a successful outcome in representing a client seeking asylum due to persecution for their sexual orientation. Our client, a lesbian from a CIS country, faced severe threats and harassment from her partner’s ex-husband, who was a police officer. Despite efforts to seek protection, the client’s safety was constantly compromised, and she lived in fear for her life.

    Initially, the court ruled that our client did not face a real risk of persecution if she returned to her home country, but Sterling Law appealed this decision. We argued that the court failed to consider the challenges faced by our client due to her sexual orientation and the involvement of a police officer in her harassment, which hindered her ability to seek protection from the authorities responsible for her safety.

    In a landmark decision, the appellate court ruled in our client’s favor, granting her asylum, recognizing her as a refugee, and acknowledging her well-founded fear of persecution. This victory highlights the dangers and challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals and reinforces the need to protect their rights and safety.

    The successful outcome of this case also underscores the importance of international cooperation in addressing human rights abuses and promoting equality and justice for all. At Sterling Law, we are committed to advocating for justice, client well-being, and ensuring access to the legal representation that individuals deserve, regardless of their background. We believe that everyone is entitled to dignity and respect, and we will persist in advocating for justice and equality for all, so that everyone can live free from persecution and discrimination while preserving their privacy.

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