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    Tech Nation granted endorsement to a front-end developer after initial refusal


    Tech Nation endorsement refusal of a Front-end developer’s application is overturned after submission of review

    Our client, an influential leader as a Front-end Developer, was initially refused endorsement by Tech Nation although it was clear he is Exceptional talent.

    The endorsing body initially discussed and found that the evidence provided in his application to be insufficient to determine that our client is an exceptional talent on a number of grounds with the main basis being an unstipulated time frame. They stressed the fact that the “hackathon involvement and articles have largely been in the last 6 months” as evidence that our client is only at the beginning of his career.

    However, the only requirement provided by Tech Nation in terms of a timeframe is that “Any activity you are providing as evidence of recognition should have occurred within the past 5 years.” We argued that no mention has been made to how long ago the evidence must be from. It is an undisputed fact that evidence provided from 6 months ago is within the 5 years requirement.

    We further argued that it is their duty to assess all candidates under both exceptional talent and exceptional promise claiming that in the event they were not convinced our client was the exceptional talent they should grant him under exceptional promise.

    Upon the submission of an endorsement review by our team, Tech Nation granted our client the best possible outcome: endorsement under Exceptional talent.

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