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    The answer to your construction employment woes: a sponsor licence


    It is no secret that the construction industry lacks the talent it needs to keep up with project demands. The construction industry is expected to grow in demand as a result of increased investment, and subsequently, the demand for construction workers is expected to grow as well. It is estimated that by 2025, the construction industry will need 216,800 new workers to meet demand (Source: CITB). Employers in the United Kingdom, however, are facing the worst labour shortage since 1997 (Source: KPMG). The shortage of talent has been exacerbated by post-Brexit regulation, the impact of COVID 19, as well as an ageing demographic in the construction industry and it shows no signs of abating. This has created a real resourcing issue for construction companies.


    The proposed solution? A sponsor licence.


    Employers with a sponsor licence can hire talented foreign individuals from all over the world, including EU and non-EU countries, to fill job vacancies in their companies that they are unable to fill with the UK market. The obtained result is widening the talent pool for potential recruitment. A sponsorship licence is valid for four years once granted, and the majority of applications are processed within just eight weeks. Here at Sterling Law, we are committed to assisting throughout the entire process, tailoring to the specific needs of your company.


    Many construction firms have already utilised the benefit of this method to address their looming talent shortage with us. To put into perspective, there are currently over 34,000 organisations in the UK that utilise a sponsor licence to meet their employment needs, a 9% increase from the previous year (Source: Home Office Immigration Statistics, Year Ending March 2021). This number is only predicted to rise with the employment crisis in hand and increased demand for construction services. Sterling Law has directly assisted construction companies in obtaining a sponsor licence and resolving their employment issues.


    It is important to note that your company must meet a few requirements. These include (but are not limited to): appointing an authorising officer and ensuring proper compliance, being a genuine company, and seeking a genuine vacancy. Following that, once your sponsor licence has been obtained, the potential employee must be employed in one of the eligible occupations and be paid a minimum gross salary of £26,500 to be eligible. After this is taken care of, the worker will be given a “certificate of sponsorship” and will be able to apply for a skilled worker visa to work in the UK.


    Here at Sterling Law, we have a reputation for obtaining constant success stories in securing sponsor licences for our clients. We have dealt with and secured nearly 100 sponsor licences for our clients, and that number is rapidly increasing. We are experienced in dealing with the whole process: from gathering all required information to ensuring correct compliance is maintained in your company. The latter stage is particularly important. Sponsor Licences can be revoked if the correct compliance is not exercised. To ensure this does not happen, Sterling Law will provide a free, realistic audit as part of their service, to ensure that all documents and procedures are in order. This ensures that your company is prepared, in the event the Home Office, themselves, may carry out an audit.


    In conclusion, despite the difficulties that construction companies face in finding qualified individuals to fill their positions, a sponsor licence should make the process much easier. As a result, we strongly recommend that all construction companies consider obtaining a sponsor licence. If a sponsor licence is obtained, employers will have a larger pool of talent to choose from, will be able to hire people from other countries, and thus will be able to avoid the labour shortage.


    Please contact us if you require any additional information or to discuss your recruitment needs. Sterling Law is here to assist your needs.


    Anton Nikolaiev

    E: Anton@sterling-law.co.uk

    T: 02078228535


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