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    Guidance on how to claim your money back if your money is blocked by online banks


    Guidance on how to claim your money back if your money is blocked by online banks.


    We receive large number of complaints every day by individuals who has suffered from blocked bank accounts at various online banks not only across the UK but other European countries too. Mainly involved banks are Monese, Starling Bank and others.


    Some people are claiming that their accounts have been blocked for years now. These people have tried to solve the issue for a long period of time; however, they feel hopeless in recovering their own money.


    Online banks do not explain the reasons for freezing or blocking accounts. They tend not to notify or set any timeframe on how long the investigation will last for nor they provide any proof or documents while investigating the case.


    In fact, in practice there are two possible ways to get your money back. These are submitting a Claim at Money Claim Online or seeking professional legal advice by contacting a law firm.


    We should assure you that getting legal advice is the most effective way of releasing your blocked money.


    Please read the following guidance to familiarize yourself with the process of submitting an online claim yourself.


    Step 1: Send an email to your online bank informing them that this is a legal notice, and you are in the process of submitting a claim to the court if your money is not released in 7,14 or 28 days. It is unlikely that your bank will argue that 28 days were not enough to consider your case and pay the money back.


    Step 2: Prepare all the numbers and dates on the sheet of paper.


    Step 3: Access the official UK Guide to make a court claim for money at : https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1032258/mcol-userguide-eng.pdf


    Step 4: Create an account at: https://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk/web/mcol/welcome

    to submit your claim.


    Step 5: Now that you have an account at MCOL, press the yellow button that says, “Begin New Claim”.


    Step 6: Read the instructions carefully and follow the guidance. At this stage we would suggest you access the official website of the UK Companies House to find the correct details of the bank. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk


    Step7: You are required to give short Particulars of your Claim. Start with mentioning both parties to the claim, include the details of the contract made between you and your online bank, briefly mention key terms of the contract and the breach that caused damage.


    Step 8: At this stage you should make a payment. Once it is done your claim has been submitted. It will take up to 3 days for the court to issue the claim. Please note that the court will send the documents of the claim to the Defendant, your bank.


    Step 9: Please download the submitted claim and email it to the customer service department of your bank, informing them of your further actions.


    What happens next:


    1.As mentioned above, the court will send the document of the claim to your bank.

    2.Your bank is likely to contact their lawyers who will then file an acknowledgement of the case and a document confirming they will represent your bank.

    3.Your bank might want to contact you directly and ask to provide an alternative bank account details to repay your blocked money. However, if they do not wish to do that be ready to get involved in a rather time-consuming process.

    4.Lawyers acting for your bank will submit Directions Questionnaire and their Defence.

    5.If both parties want to reach an agreement there might be a possibility of a mediation call.

    6.The court will allocate your Claim to the closest County Court, and you will get the notice of the Hearing. If there is any payment notice make sure you do not miss the deadline and pay as soon as practically possible.

    7.You should submit and exchange a full hearing bundle containing all the letters received from Court, email exchanges between you and the Defendant, Defence statement, witness statements and more.

    1. Final part of the proceedings is attending the court hearing with your lawyer.


    We hope that this guidance will help you to approach your online bank and release all your money from a blocked account.

    We would advise you to hold your funds and savings in a reliable high-street physical bank so you can visit them in person any time.

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