Ruslan Kosarenko 03.11.2021

Sponsor licence revocation

A sponsor licence can be revoked which means that an employer can no longer sponsor any migrant workers. Once it is revoked there will be a period that the employer cannot apply for a new licence. This is known as the ‘cooling-off period’

This period normally lasts 12 months and the Home Office can revoke a licence in the following circumstances:

If false information was provided in the initial application
If the company is failing to do the necessary right to work checks
If the company is employing illegal workers
If the company employs an individual who does not have the appropriate skill level for the position
If the company does not provide the required information that has been requested
If the salary is not being paid to the candidate that is on the Certificate of Sponsorship.
If the sponsor licence is revoked then the Home Office put together an Action Plan. The Action Plan normally lists all the recommendations that should be made by the employer.


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