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    Update on care workers in the UK


    The shortage occupation list has been expanded to include care workers. The Home Office decided to implement changes to replenish the care workforce: the shortage of employees in the relevant professions intensified in 2021 due to the pandemic and the UK’s exit from the EU, in connection with which care homes regularly contacted the Home Office. The decision to list care workers will help attract skilled foreign employees. They will now be able to apply for and receive a UK Skilled Worker Visa.

    SOC changes

    Foreigners must have the appropriate qualifications to obtain a Health and Care Worker visa. To see if they fit, they need to check the updated list of Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes, where the following roles have been added:

    • Care workers and home carers
    • Care assistant
    • Care worker
    • Carer
    • Home care assistant
    • Home carer
    • Support worker (nursing home)

    The shortlist advantages

    The shortage occupation list is formed based on the needs of industries. It is intended primarily to simplify the process of replenishing labour resources. Thus, future employees will pay minimal fees for applying for a UK visa, while their salary will also be lower.

    With a permit, subsidized care homes can hire foreigners with fewer restrictions at a lower overall cost. Note that care homes can hire foreign employees under this scheme only if they receive a sponsor’s license.

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