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    Sterling Law launches a new business consulting department for our clients to provide comprehensive solutions for various businesses: individual entrepreneurs or small-medium businesses.

    Why choose Sterling Law for your commercial matters?

    • Expert Legal representation: At Sterling Law, we understand the complexities of immigration applications. Our team of experienced immigration lawyers will handle your application on your behalf, ensuring that it is completed accurately and in accordance with current immigration rules.
    • AI-Powered accuracy: To eliminate common human errors and enhance the accuracy of your application, we employ state-of-the-art AI technology. Our AI tool meticulously reviews your application, ensuring compliance with the latest immigration regulations.
    • Senior Specialist review: Your application will undergo a thorough review by our senior Immigration Lawyer, who holds the highest qualification (level 3) and possesses over 10 years of extensive experience in immigration law. This meticulous review guarantees that your application is robust and well-prepared before submission.

    What do we propose:

    • Business Development

      Starting up a business is one of the most exciting steps our clients can take, but it can also be risky and challenging. We specialise in providing startups with professional advice and information to support the growth of your new business.If you have a new business idea and would like to talk it through with one of our experts, we are here to help you with the following services:- Consultation
      – Business plan assistance
      – Applications for government grants
      – Start-up loans
      – Government procurements
      – Tenders and contracts
      – Marketing and digital solutions
      – IT solutions
    • RecruitmentWhether you are searching for a specific IT contract specialist, or are looking for permanent staff to sustain your business, experts from the Sterling Law team can help you to find candidates worth recruiting.
    • AccountingSterling&Bealand can provide highly competitive rates for services such as annual accounts, VAT returns, payroll, Self Assessment tax returns which, along with our business support packages, ensure you are always fully compliant with the latest legislation from HMRC.
    • Tax consulting

      One of the most important aspects of our work at Sterling & Beanland is helping our clients get the most out of their business as possible, financially speaking, when it comes to paying tax. It is almost inevitable that the idea of ‘tax avoidance’ stirs up uncomfortable emotions for most business owners, particularly with high profile imbroglios such as the Paradise Papers making regular appearances in the media. However, at Sterling & Beanland, we believe that not only is it important to be fully aware of the limitations of your tax obligations, but it is even irresponsible as a business owner to pay more than you have to by law if you approach these obligations in an ethical and common-sense manner, as we encourage all our clients to do.We can:​— minimise your tax liability;
      — optimise your tax position;
      — help you understand available tax relief, tax losses and deferment opportunities;
      — ensure you do not fall short of any CTSA deadlines and file your returns correctly on your behalf, thereby avoiding penalties;
      — represent you with the tax authorities.
    • IT solutionsWe know how to make technology work for your business, providing a comprehensive range of support including advice on hardware and software and detailed proposals for the design of networks, including data security systems.
    • Commercial Lease

      If your business needs help with a commercial lease issue in the UK, Sterling Law provides legal services to help eligible businesses with the following:
      — Signing a new commercial lease
      — Amending, renewing, or terminating an existing commercial lease
      — Addressing a commercial lease-related issue

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