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    How to Transition from Different Visa Categories to Global Talent Visa?

    Instead of renewing their visas, UK Skilled Worker and Innovator visa holders often seek to convert to a Global Talent route. The Global Talent Visa offers them the following advantages:

    • A flexible work schedule
    • Entrepreneurial opportunities to establish one’s own company
    • Attainment of British IT status, facilitating broader job prospects
    • Pursuit of freelance work
    • Full-time educational pursuits
    • Prior application for IRL

    Eligibility for Switching to the Global Talent Route

    It’s important to note that applications for the Global Talent Visa can be made from any location worldwide. Eligibility for transitioning to this visa is open to holders of the following visa types:

    Conversely, individuals falling under the following categories are ineligible for the visa transition:

    Supporting Documents and Fees for the Transition

    Typically, those wishing to transition their visa to the Global Talent Visa must provide the following documents:

    • Endorsement letter
    • Results of TB test, where applicable and conducted at a Home Office-approved facility
    • Valid travel documents or passport
    • Payment of Immigration Health Surcharge

    All documentation and application forms can be submitted online, including scheduling appointments and providing biometric data and photographs.

    In terms of fees for transitioning, applicants based on endorsement must pay approximately £620 in two instalments:

    • An initial payment of around £450 for the endorsement application
    • Subsequent payment of approximately £170 for the visa itself


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can one qualify for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) under the Global Talent Visa pathway?

    To qualify for ILR, it’s crucial to accrue the required three or five years of residency, which can be achieved by combining periods spent on either Innovator Visa or Skilled Worker Visa.

    What is the process for spouses or children to apply for a visa under the Global Talent Visa route?

    Spouses or children must individually apply for a new visa, either simultaneously with the main applicant or upon expiration of their current visa.

    How do the application processes for Tier 2 (Skilled Worker) route and Global Talent route differ?

    The application processes differ significantly between the Tier 2 (Skilled Worker) route, typically sponsored by employers, and the Global Talent route, which offers more flexibility for career transitions and business ventures.

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