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    IHS fees will be increased in January 2024


    The Immigration Health Surcharge for visas: Global Talent, Skilled Worker, Innovator Founder will increase to £1,035

    IHS Fee Increase:

    While most work and visit visa application fees have seen a roughly 15% increase, the anticipated significant jump in the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) has been confirmed. Currently set at £624 per year for adults and £470 for children, students, student dependants, and Youth Mobility Scheme applicants, the IHS fees are set to rise to £1,035 and £776 per year, respectively.

    Implementation Date:

    While the draft legislation awaits parliamentary approval, the Order will be ratified thereafter.

    The anticipated effective date for this change is 16 January 2024, or potentially later, depending on the timing of the Order being laid.

    Early Submission of Immigration Applications:

    Yes, immigration applications can be submitted earlier. We recommend that employers planning to sponsor workers and individuals preparing immigration applications assess the possibility of submitting before the fee increase. Submitting an in-country application before the current expiry date may result in cost savings. However, careful consideration of timings is crucial, as filing too early may necessitate additional applications and fees before obtaining Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

    You still have time to proceed with your case and apply for visa before the due date.

    For Global Talent Assessment book a free call with us.

    For any other type of visa book a free call.

    Former Update: Fee Increases for Immigration and Nationality Services:

    As of 4 October, changes to immigration and nationality fees will be implemented following the legislation laid in Parliament on 15 September.
    Key adjustments include:

    • A £15 increase for visit visas lasting less than six months, raising the fee to £115.
    • A £127 rise for student visa applications from outside the UK, now set at £490, aligning with in-country application charges.
    • A 15% rise in the cost of most work and visit visas, along with a minimum 20% increase in priority visas, study visas, and certificates of sponsorship, as announced by the government in July.

    These fee adjustments, applied to various visa categories and services, are essential to sustain the Home Office’s immigration and nationality system. Careful consideration is given to balancing the need for financial contributions with the aim of maintaining an attractive service for those seeking to work in the UK.

    The revised fees cover a range of services, including visit visas of different durations, entry clearance, applications for leave to remain, indefinite leave to enter and remain, health and care visas, and more.

    Please be informed that the settlement priority service fee will be reduced to align with the cost of the priority service. This update also extends to applications for British citizenship, the User Pays Visa Application service, and various other immigration-related fees.

    Your understanding of these adjustments is appreciated as they contribute to sustaining a robust immigration and nationality system while minimising the financial burden on British taxpayers.

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