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    Global talent for puppeteer – unique approach

    The client instructed Alexandra Mokrova and Nelli Tesis to make the application for under Global Talent Exceptional Talent category.

    The client, a skilled puppeteer, specialised in a unique sphere of talent. Her expertise was not in traditional puppeteering methods, such as hand puppets, marionettes, or shadow puppets, but rather in operating large, technologically advanced animatronic dinosaurs. This extraordinary talent was showcased in her role as the Lead VooDoo Puppeteer for the show.

    The case presented significant challenges, primarily due to the absence of similar cases. The applicant’s form of puppeteering diverged significantly from conventional practices, focusing on large-scale animatronics instead of standard puppetry techniques. This posed a considerable challenge, as it was an area not traditionally recognised or understood by the Endorser, the Arts Council.

    Furthermore, the application’s success depended on fulfilling criteria under two categories: Proof of Appearance and Proof of Media Recognition. Alexandra and Nelli faced hurdles in both areas. For Proof of Appearance, the main issue was the lack of a diverse performance history; the client’s career was primarily tied to one show. Although this show had extensive travel and international recognition, it was still a singular performance credit. In terms of Media Recognition, the challenge was the absence of the client’s individual recognition in the media. The acclaim and recognition had been directed towards the show itself, rather than highlighting the individual artists and review of their work.

    Alexandra and Nelli prepared and submitted the application. The team managed to demonstrate the client’s significant yet unconventional contribution to the arts. As a result, the application was endorsed under the Global Talent Exceptional category and visa subsequently granted.

    Innovator Founder Visa for Entrepreneurial team

    Alexandra Mokrova was instructed by a client to assist with the Innovator Founder visa application, following the client’s successful endorsement by UK Endorsing Services under the Innovator Founder route. The client’s innovative business idea focused on developing a unique quality control solution for producers of concrete blocks.

    Upon securing the endorsement, Alexandra Mokrova started preparing the application for the Innovator Founder visa. However, the case was far from straightforward, largely due to the nature of the business and the client’s background, leading to extensive communication with the Home Office.

    The Home Office-made multiple requests for additional documents, including the Certificate of Incorporation for the company registered outside the UK, the memorandum of association encompassing all changes since incorporation, a Co-Founders agreement, and employment

    contracts. Demonstrating exceptional competence, Alexandra successfully managed this communication, providing all necessary documents and their translations in a timely manner. She also ensured that the submissions clearly stated that all rights to the invention belonged to the client’s company, using them internally to demonstrate the origins of the invention.

    Additionally, Alexandra handled applications for four dependants of the client. Despite the applications being submitted over three months, decisions were still pending. In response, Alexandra actively pursued the Home Office, making complaints to expedite the process.

    Also, Alexandra submitted a visa application for the client’s business partner, who had also been endorsed by UK Endorsing Services as part of the business plan. This application, too, required extensive interaction with the Home Office. The authorities requested proof of the partner’s education, work history, skills, and future responsibilities as outlined in the business plan. They also sought confirmation of the feasibility of the product, financial estimates, and evidence of links and collaborations in the UK, as well as details of the product’s design. Alexandra adeptly addressed these requests with detailed explanations and provision of all necessary documents.

    It is important to mention that the complexities of these applications were compounded by the fact that the entrepreneur, his business partner, and the entrepreneur’s dependents all held Russian passports. In the current geopolitical climate, this added an extra layer of complication to the visa application process.

    Through these efforts, both founders of the business and their dependants successfully obtained their visas.

    Global talent (Tech Nation) – unique approach

    The client instructed Alexandra Mokrova and Nelli Tesis to assist with the Global Talent application. The client, a founder and CEO with over 20 years of experience, presented a unique case. The case required a nuanced understanding of the client’s extensive experience in the automotive tech industry.

    To build a strong application, Alexandra Mokrova, together with Nelli Tesis, focused on meeting the criteria two specific Optional Criteria by Tech Nation: Criteria 1, which required a proven track record of innovation as a founder or senior executive in a product-led digital technology company, and Criteria 3, which required significant technical, commercial, or entrepreneurial contributions in the field.

    The primary challenge in this case was the client’s professional background. Although he was a Chief Executive, Founder, and Managing Director of a leading regional car dealership, this role did not directly align with the typical profile outlined by the Endorser of a digital product company executive. Nevertheless, the application focused on the fact that the client had established one of the world’s first online stores for full-cycle sales of new and used cars and implemented an omnichannel platform. This demonstrated the innovative contributions to digital technology and satisfied the Optional Criteria 1 and 3.

    The efforts were successful, as the client obtained an endorsement. Following this, Alexandra and Nelli secured visas for both the client and his wife.

    Sponsor licence ongoing support and compliance for Corporate clients

    This client is an existing corporate client of Alexandra Mokrova, over the last year Alexandra was assisting this corporate client with their sponsor license, skilled worker visas and immigration compliance.

    The first significant challenge arose when the client company, which also had operations in the US, decided to transfer a skilled worker to the UK. Alexandra Mokrova and Nelli Tesis assisted with the allocation of a Certificate of Sponsorship and the application process for the Skilled Worker visa from outside the UK. However, after the skilled worker’s arrival in the UK, the company encountered structural and financial difficulties, leading to the decision to return the employee to the US. In this situation, Alexandra Mokrova guided the client on the reporting requirements, addressing who would be responsible for the associated fees, and ensuring compliance with immigration rules amidst these changes.

    The second issue involved the hiring process for a high-level position within the company, specifically for a Vice President role. The process was constrained by a limited timeline and required handling an employee with a substantial salary. A complicating factor was the client’s multiple nationalities, not all of which were declared initially. Upon discovering that the client held an EU passport, Alexandra Mokrova strategically used this to facilitate a quick route and decision for obtaining the skilled worker visa. Alexandra structured the application process to ensure that the client would not need to return to their home country for the visa process and has a time for a visa appointment within his frequent business travels.

    Additionally, Alexandra Mokrova is currently working on adding another branch of this company to the existing sponsor licence.

    Global talent (Science) – overcoming Ph.D. requirement

    In this case, Alexandra Mokrova was instructed by a client in obtaining a Global Talent endorsement as a researcher, with the Royal Academy of Engineering as the endorsing body. The main challenge in this case was that the client did not possess a Ph.D., a typical requirement for researchers seeking this type of endorsement, especially in the field of Renewable Energy.

    However, the client had significant experience working in a leadership role where they supervised doctoral scientists and graduates. Leveraging this professional background, Alexandra Mokrova believed that the client’s experience could be considered equivalent to a Ph.D. level, thus making a strong case for qualifying for the Global Talent visa.

    To make the application stronger, the focus was placed on the client’s extensive experience in industrial research.

    Additionally, Alexandra advised the client to obtain more recommendation letters than is typically required for a researcher endorsement application. They were not just formal recommendations but served as evidence that, despite lacking a Ph.D. and a conventional academic position, the client was actively engaged in research activities. Importantly, these letters confirmed that the client was conducting research for prestigious institutions, including Imperial College London.

    As a result, the client successfully obtained the Global Talent endorsement and subsequently the visa.

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