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    Successful Sponsorship License Application for Hiring an “Exceptional” Employee

    Our client, a company with a single director and employee, sought to open a sponsorship license to hire an “exceptional” employee. The urgency was heightened as the employee’s current visa was set to expire on May 27. Despite the tight deadlines, we embarked on preparing the necessary documents, determined to secure a positive outcome for our client.

    Challenges faced:

    With limited time and resources, we faced difficulties in obtaining a sponsorship license swiftly. The client’s unique circumstance, where they were the sole director and employee, added complexity to the case. We were under immense pressure to meet the looming visa deadline.

    Hunting for a priority service:

    Realizing the time constraints, we actively pursued a priority service to expedite the process. However, securing an appointment for this service proved challenging, as it eluded us for a week. Each passing day further intensified the urgency to resolve the situation promptly.

    Positive decision and skilled worker visa application:

    After persistent efforts and unwavering determination, we finally received a positive decision on the sponsorship license application. This favourable outcome allowed us to proceed with the application for a skilled worker visa for the “exceptional” employee.


    Despite the unusual and complex nature of the case, we successfully navigated the challenges and achieved a positive outcome for our client. By diligently working within tight deadlines, we ensured that the company could continue operating seamlessly with their valuable employee.

    At Sterling Law, we are dedicated to providing exceptional immigration services, even in the most complex cases. Our experienced team, led by Anastasia Artamonova, strives to deliver favorable outcomes for our clients, ensuring their immigration goals are realized.

    Contact Anastasia Artamonova for expert immigration advice and personalized solutions tailored to your unique circumstances:

    e-mail: a.artamonova@sterling-law.co.uk
    Tel.: +44 7549 955723

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