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    Can a parent of British children get a visa after a divorce?

    Sterling Law successfully secures a visa for a client

    At Sterling Law, we regularly deal with complex immigration cases, regardless of their circumstances. We always strive for success for our clients, representing their interests in visa and immigration matters. In this article, we would like to share another successful case of obtaining a visa for our client.

    The UK values human rights and children’s rights, so there are many options for obtaining a family visa. This means that even in the most difficult situations, a solution can be found if obtaining a visa is important to protect the rights of the child.

    The client’s case

    We were recently contacted by a client with a complex immigration history. He was married to a British citizen and they have two children who are also British citizens. Unfortunately, the marriage was dissolved and our client no longer lived with his wife.

    Despite the divorce, he continued to maintain close relationships with his children, living in the UK. His visa was about to expire and he contacted us for help in the last week of his visa, presenting us with a difficult task – to meet the extremely tight deadline.

    The challenges

    We faced two important tasks:

    1. Choose the right immigration route for our client.
    2. Have time to apply for and receive a visa within a short period of time. By the way, the deadlines were limited by the client’s need to make a business trip to other countries.

    Our approach

    At first glance, the task seemed difficult, but not for the specialists at Sterling Law. Having received all the necessary information from the client, we immediately got to work, involving two experienced immigration consultants with many years of experience and their assistant.

    After analyzing the situation, we came to the conclusion that the most optimal option would be to apply for Further Leave to Remain as a parent of a British Citizen.

    Our client was already in the country on this basis, however, the divorce from the mother of the children complicated the application process. We needed to prove as soon as possible that the father is actively involved in the children’s lives, provides for them financially and takes care of their upbringing.

    Important evidence was the confirmation of expenses for the children, photographs of joint meetings and documentation confirming the periodic residence of the children with their father.

    Overcoming the deadline

    Realizing the time constraints, we decided to apply as soon as possible, before the expiration of the client’s visa and without having the necessary documents for applying for a visa. Of course, this became possible thanks to the UK visa application system, when an application is initially sent and paid for, and documents are submitted directly before an appointment at the visa center. At the same time, even if the applicant’s visa has expired, they have the right to be in the country during the period between payment of the application and submission of documents, even if it takes several months.

    Despite the fact that the client did not have all the necessary documents at the time of the application, he promised to provide them before the date of the visit to the visa center, which allowed us to take such a step. It should be noted that the Sterling Law team pays significant attention to the preparation of documents for applications from our clients, therefore we collect and prepare a complete list of documents in advance before submitting them.

    The result

    Thanks to the coordinated work of the Sterling Law team and the active cooperation of the client, we managed to collect a complete package of documents and submit the application on time.

    As a result, our client received a visa, which allowed him to continue living in the UK and take care of his children.


    This case once again demonstrates our competence in immigration law and our commitment to protecting the rights of our clients and their children.

    If you need help obtaining a visa or resolving other immigration issues, please contact Sterling Law.

    Our experienced specialists will help you understand the nuances of the legislation and develop an optimal strategy of action so that you can achieve the desired result.

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