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    Successful case for partner leave to Remain

    Sterling Law is proud to have helped keep a family with a special needs child united!

    Our client, Jaspal, is an Indian national who entered the UK as a student over 10 years ago and overstayed his leave.

    Jaspal’s partner, Pooja, is a domestic abuse survivor from her previous marriage and resides in the UK as a holder of Leave to Remain as a parent of a British child. The child, Ayaan, has autism spectrum disorder and, due to his condition, his biological father has turned away from him.

    Ayaan’s grandparents (both maternal and paternal) belong to conservative families and not only refuse to accept Ayaan due to his condition, but also actively blame Ayaan’s mother, Pooja, for it.

    Jaspal, Pooja and Ayaan have been living together as a family since Pooja’s separation from her abusive ex-husband. Over time, Jaspal has managed to achieve Ayaan’s trust and become his father figure. Jaspal has been making great effort in assisting with Ayaan’s developmental needs and has always treated Ayaan as his own son. Therefore, the bond between the two has only grown over time. Meanwhile, Pooja has been actively training to become a special needs teacher, which has only been made possible through Jaspal taking on a majority of the caring responsibilities for Ayaan.

    In this family’s particularly conservative Indian Sikh background, co-habitation between an unmarried man and a divorcee is culturally frowned upon. Divorced women and disabled children may also find themselves unaccepted and disowned by their own families. After her divorce, Pooja’s family became very hostile towards her and have made negative comments on her personal life, openly declaring that she dishonoured the whole family. In such hostile circumstances, returning to India was not a practical option for our client and his family.

    Our experienced immigration lawyer, Jekaterina Trubina, has demonstrated exceptional dedication and worked extremely hard to gather all the necessary documents and information to build a strong human rights claim, which resulted in the granting of Jaspal’s Leave to Remain within just one month from the application submission. After so many years of living without a status Jaspal was finally allowed to reside in the UK without the fear of being separated from his loved ones.

    We at Sterling Law are dedicated to bringing every client’s matter to a successful conclusion as efficiently as possible. We use our best endeavours to secure leave without having to go through lengthy and costly appeal procedures to save time and money for our clients.

    We wish Jaspal, Pooja and Ayaan only the very best and a fulfilling life together!

    P.S. – The names have been changed in consideration for our client’s privacy.

    Jekaterina Trubina


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