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    Tech Nation endorsement of a Director and founder of tech company application granted after initial refusal


    Our client, an influential leader as a Director and founder of tech company, was initially refused endorsement by Tech Nation when submitted independently.

    The Applicant founded a company with innovative tech solution to track spreading of COVID-19 and other infections. In the initial application Tech Nation argued that our client failed to provide evidence fulfilling the requirements. Tech Nation did not accept the evidence submitted for the innovation requirement despite the fact that project was funded by Innovate UK. Tech Nation also stated in its refusal proforma that the company did not have a long track record however, it is important to note that there are no stipulations, rules or regulations stating that the there is a requirement for a ‘long’ track record only a ‘proven’ track record.

    From the refusal proforma the significance of correct presentation of documents and information is evidential as a determining factor to the decisions made. After a resubmission with emphasis on the correct evidence by our Immigration Lawyer Alexandra Mokrova, Tech Nation granted endorsement without further questions. Proving to show that our client is in fact a talented expert and that merely incorrect submission was the reason for his first refusal.


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