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    Global Talent Visa: Is Success Possible After Refusal?

    As you may know, the Global Talent Visa is significantly different from other types of visas that can be obtained to start your journey to indefinite residency and British citizenship in the UK. The Global Talent Visa allows you to obtain indefinite residency in the UK within 3-5 years, which is undoubtedly a very attractive route for talents from different fields, be it a recognized fashion designer or a successful businessman.

    However, the process of case preparation for this visa significantly differs from other types of visas. The main requirement is to demonstrate the applicant’s talent and obtain approval from an endorsing body. It is worth noting that here the subjective opinion of the case assessor and the compliance of the supporting documents with all the requirements often take place. Therefore the best solution would be to contact professionals who can most effectively present your case to the assessor.

    There are cases when the endorsing body does not see the presence of talent in the applicant, despite all the documents provided, based on which they issue a refusal to approve. So what should be done in this case? Were all efforts in vain? Our answer is no! As experienced immigration lawyers, we always make every effort to bring the case to a successful conclusion and further, using the example of one of our cases, we will tell you how to get a GT visa after the first refusal.

    Our client was a recognised and successful businessman at the international level. He has significant business experience and acumen and is now focused on creating unicorn-level cryptocurrency products. His career included the successful creation of an innovative startup and its subsequent sale for a large sum, as well as leadership positions in a large company in the UK. However, given his focus on business achievements, the client had weak public recognition of his achievements. In this regard, it was decided to focus on his contribution to the creation of innovative products and the development of the sector.

    In the shortest possible time, we prepared all the documents and sent the application for consideration. All forecasts for this case were maximally positive, however, after several weeks of consideration, we received a refusal. The caseworker stated that our client lacked external recognition of his talent and contribution to the advancement of the field.

    The process of applying for a Global Talent visa is divided into several stages, among which the main and most difficult is the application for approval. Further actions to obtain a visa depend on this stage. The procedure for submitting an application for approval provides for the possibility to submit an application for a review of the case by another caseworker free of charge in case of refusal at the first stage.

    Knowing our client’s right to review, we began actively preparing a review application. This long and painstaking work involves a detailed re-analysis of the submitted documents and the reasons for the refusal, as well as the preparation of a separate letter in which we justify our disagreement with each reason for the refusal. At this stage, it is impossible to provide new evidence, however, it is very important to note each reason why the case meets the requirements and provide a detailed explanation to the assessor of our reasons for disagreement.

    After hard work in preparing a high-quality letter to the endorsing body, we sent the application and awaited a second decision. Within a couple of weeks, we received a positive response and our client’s case was approved! Success was not long in coming, but took longer than expected. It is worth noting that our services always include a free application for review, as we always strive to achieve success for our clients in any situation. We also can help you with the application for endorsement review even if you submitted your case on your own and received a refusal.

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