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    Successful Global Talent Visa on a Complex Case for the Virtual Reality Artist


    Recently, Sterling law encountered a particularly challenging case involving an artist seeking Global Talent endorsement and visa. Alexandra Mokrova and Nelli Tesis were tasked with assisting an artist who aspired to apply for the Endorsement from Arts Council.

    The situation was complex from the outset. The client, previously on a spouse visa, faced visa shortening due to a relationship breakdown, with the Home Office imposing a deadline until 1 May 2024.

    Therefore, the client approached us in mid-March for assistance with their global talent application. Understanding the time-sensitive nature of the process, Alexandra and Nelli started preparing the case for submission. Aware that the Arts Council typically takes eight weeks to assess applications, the team decided to pursue both the first and second stage global talent applications concurrently.

    One of the major hurdles Alexandra and Nelli encountered was crafting a compelling portfolio for the client, who was a Virtual Reality artist. Specialising in immersive spatial artwork, the client paints and animates ideas in 3D space, creating eye-catching VR artwork and animations. This presented a unique challenge, as the Arts Council, while prestigious, traditionally leaned towards conventional art forms.

    Moreover, recent updates within the Arts Council guidelines posed additional challenges, particularly regarding the exclusion of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality when associated with commercial purposes. It was crucial for team to demonstrate to the Endorser that the client’s use of VR and AR was rooted in artistic expression rather than commercial endeavours.

    Following the submission to the Arts Council, the team maintained constant communication with the Endorser, understanding the critical importance of obtaining a decision before 28 May 2024, earlier than usual. Time was of the essence to prevent our client from inadvertently overstaying their visa in the UK.

    Alexandra and Nelli successfully obtained the endorsement for the artist and subsequent leave to remain in the UK for our client right on schedule. This outcome held immense significance for our client, as he was reluctant to leave the UK, the place where he creates and develops his artistic skills, and return to his home country, which is on another continent.

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