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    Sterling Law is ranked 1st in Immigration and Human rights in London in 2022


    We are excited to announce that our company has achieved 1st place in the rating of an independent platform ReviewSolicitors.com in the categories Immigration and Human Rights among the law firms in the UK capital and 11th across the country in each of the categories. The analytical comparison of the market is based on reviews and customer reviews for the last year (12 months).

    The rating of services in legal areas indicates how the level of service differs in relation to other companies across the country. Below are the services that Sterling Law offers to its clients and its place in the ranking on the local and national markets:

    • Immigration (1st in London and 11th across Britain)
    • Human rights (1 and 11) 
    • Consumer Rights (2 and 96)
    • Family Law (2 and 187)
    • Finance and Tax Affairs (2 and 64)
    • IT & Intellectual Property (2 and 35)


    Respondents were also asked to answer 3 categories of questions: “Value for money”, “Would recommend to friends and family”, and “Satisfied with outcome of matter”, for which our company scored 96% positive responses in the first category, 97% in the second and 95% in the final.

    Ruslan Kosarenko, co-founder and partner of Sterling Law:
    “Indeed, this year we saw a huge number of applications for immigration to Britain, and we proudly challenged the circumstances that caused such an influx. To be honest, we have a huge number of consulting hours every month, but this is our credo. We are happy that due to you and your valuable feedback, we are developing our service and team. A team that is able to support you in a difficult moment, so that your hopes and dreams in the current life circumstances continue to live and become real. Thank you, we appreciate you very much!”

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