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    How to Write a Letter of Invitation for a UK Visa

    Writing an invitation letter is an important part of having a friend, a partner, or a relative relocated to the United Kingdom. Since it is a part of the official procedure, the rules such as the format of the letter of invitation are strict and have to be followed with precision. The article will cover important questions such as how to send an invitation letter for a visa as well as the technical details of the procedure.

    What is a Visa Invitation Letter?

    The main purpose of such a letter is to support a visa application. It is used in case the applicant is getting invited on sponsorship terms, meaning the author of the letter will provide them with accommodation and support them throughout their stay in the United Kingdom.

    With the help of a supporting letter for visa, the Home Office can verify the intentions of the applicant and ensure they won’t need any support from the government during their visit. Even though the sponsor letter for a UK visitor visa is not the most vital part of the procedure, an otherwise perfect application may easily be turned down because of an improper submission of the letter.

    Requirements for a Letter of Invitation

    The author of an invitation letter for a UK visa for a friend or a relative should ensure they comply with all the requirements to become a sponsor of the applicant. First of all, it is necessary for the author to be a UK citizen, as only they are allowed to sponsor visitors to the country.

    Secondly, it is necessary for the author to have a relationship with the applicant. As it was already mentioned, it is possible to write a UK visa invitation letter for parents, friends, relatives, and partners. It is important to keep in mind that the relationship has to be proven in order for the Home Office to accept the letter.

    The last requirement is associated with providing the applicant with accommodation. It will be necessary to include the details regarding the property the visitor is going to stay at, whether it is an owned property or a rented out place. The property itself should be large enough to accommodate the visitor, and the invite letter for a UK visa should include all the relevant details to prove it matches the criteria.

    Who Should the Letter of Invitation be Addressed To?

    It might sound counter-intuitive, but a letter of invitation for a visa is not addressed to the person who is being invited to the United Kingdom. It is a document that will be reviewed by the Home Office as a part of the application, and it is needed to have proof that the person visiting the country will be supported throughout the duration of their stay.

    With that in mind, the tone of writing should be official, and the letter itself should be addressed to the government’s representatives who will be reviewing it. Since it is a letter to the embassy for a visa request and it is impossible to know the person who will be checking it in advance, the author is allowed to open it with “Dear Sir or Madam”.

    What Information Should be Included in the Letter of Invitation?

    There are three groups of details that should be covered in an invitation letter for a UK visa. It includes the author’s personal information, information about the applicant, and information about their relationships and planned interactions.

    The author of the invitation letter for a visa to the UK should include their full name and address, phone number, profession and current occupation, and their legal status in the country. The details about the applicant should include their full name and the schedule of their planned trip to the United Kingdom.

    The third part of the letter should cover all the relevant details regarding the visit. It should include information about the relationships between the author and the applicant, the planned length of the applicant’s trip to the UK, the purpose of the trip, and the details regarding the accommodation. The letter of accommodation for a UK visa should also include financial details, since the author is supposed to sponsor the applicant.

    In case some details of the trip have not been arranged yet, it is appropriate to include approximate information to the invitation letter for a UK visa for family members or eligible visitors. This especially relates to the dates of the trip, as they are rarely arranged when the immigration letter of invitation is submitted.

    What supporting documents should be attached to the Invitation Letter?

    As it has been mentioned in the previous sections, the details included in the invitation letter for a spouse visa or other type of UK visa should be proven in order for the Home Office to accept it. For the author, it means that they will have to attach a number of supporting documents to the letter.

    First of all, it will be necessary to attach a scan of the passport and a document that proves the author’s citizenship in the United Kingdom. Secondly, the letter should include documents regarding the property. Whether it is owned or rented out by the sponsor, the corresponding documents have to be attached to prove the accommodation is arranged.

    The author will also have to prove their ability to sponsor the visitor. Thus, it will be necessary to attach bank statements or other documents that will let the Home Office ensure the author is capable of supporting the visitor financially throughout their stay in the United Kingdom. In case the trip has already been arranged, the traveling documents should be included in the letter as well.

    Sample of Invitation Letter for UK Visa

    The procedure is rather straightforward, so for the majority of cases, a standard form can be used. The template of an invitation letter for a visa can be found below.

    Sponsor’s Name
    Sponsor’s Address
    Sponsor’s Phone Number
    Sponsor’s Email Address
    Date of Writing the Letter

    Application for visitor visa for *name of the applicant*
    Dear sir/madam,

    This is a letter of invitation for *name of the visitor and their date of birth* to come to the United Kingdom and stay with me *author’s name and date of birth*. They will stay with me for *planned duration* at *address* from *starting date* to *ending date*.

    *Name of the applicant* is my *friend/relative*, and the intention of the visit is *description of the visit’s intention*.

    I am a UK citizen by birth and work as a *profession* at *company*. I intend to financially support the *applicant’s name* throughout the duration of the trip, including food, accommodation, and travel expenses within the United Kingdom. I also have enough space to accommodate *applicant’s name* at my *type of property* for the duration of their visit.

    Please find attached *mention the supporting documents attached to the letter*.

    If any additional details are required, feel free to contact me.

    Yours faithfully,

    *Author’s signature*

    *Author’s name*

    How we can help?

    The team of Sterling Law is always willing to help UK citizens with writing invitation letters for their friends, relatives, or partners. Our solicitors know exactly how to invite someone to the UK without any trouble, and we are ready to review each case individually. Feel free to book a consultation online or visit our office in London to get personal help from our experienced team of lawyers.

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