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    Scale-Up Visa

    The UK scale-up route has turned out to be an extremely beneficial program for many companies and individuals. Applying for this route, however, is challenging for many residents. In this article, all the frequently asked questions regarding the process will be answered, in order to provide future applicants with all the necessary details about the route.


    What is a Scale-up visa?

    The general aim of this program, according to the authorities, is to assist local businesses and individuals with the potential to contribute to the economy. In order to use the program, the enterprise is obliged to receive the corresponding permissions from the authorities. It is also important to add that children and some other groups can apply for the UK scale-up visa as well.


    Benefits of the Scale-up route.

    The main benefit of the program relates to its reduced requirements. Specifically, the term of employment necessary to apply for this route is shorter than with its alternatives. In contrast to the Skilled Worker Visa, this program permits the individual to have a smaller initial term of employment. Once this term comes to an end, the person is eligible to apply for other employment options and is not obliged to stay with their initial sponsor.

    How long for a decision?

    The general procedure is commonly performed within eight weeks after receiving the application. But as with almost all the other routes, the authorities might require additional verification of the documents. In some cases, the applicant is also invited for an interview, which leads to a longer decision-making term.

    How to apply for this route?

    The first step of the route relates to choosing between Sponsored or Unsponsored Applications. Then, the applicant has to comply with a point-based system, where they will need to meet multiple requirements. For all applications, it will be necessary to meet the English language requirement at level B1 and the financial requirement according to the rules from SCU 10.1 to SCU 10.4. Apart from these requirements, there are multiple additional criteria that depend on the form of the application. According to the table below, you must have a score of 70 points.


    Requirements for the route via a Sponsored Application.

    The applicants for the Sponsored route are required to:

    • be at least>18 years old;
    • obtain a Valid Certificate of Sponsorship from future employer;
    • have the necessary skills for future employment;
    • have an annual salary of at least £33,000 in future employment;
    • have an hourly wage of at least £10.10 in future employment;
    • prove they have enough savings;
    • obtain a Tuberculosis certificate.


    Requirements for the route via an Unsponsored Application.

    The applicants for the Unsponsored route are required to:

    • be at least 18 years old;
    • provide the authorities with the previous grant of permission;
    • prove the previous annual earnings of at least £33,000 during at least half of the most recent permission;
    • prove they have enough savings;
    • obtain a Tuberculosis certificate.


    Which occupations can be sponsored?

    The route covers jobs in various spheres, in which support for the growth of skills might be required. The list includes:


    How can we help?

    Sterling Law is ready to help applicants for the scale-up route at all stages of the process. Individuals can get consultations before applying for this route as well as receive professional guidance during application.


    Our fees from £1200+VAT

    Scale-up: going rates for eligible occupations


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