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Aliya Rimshelis 03.08.2022

Our client is a Ukrainian national co-founder and co-owner of Ukrainian TV Channel, cinema, TV and theatre producer who was awarded in several international nominations.

He has co-produced numerous films that has been premiered at the Official Competition of  the Cannes festival in 2017 and 2018.His film won the 2018 European Parliament’s Lux Film Prize. His films have more than 35 nominations and more than 30 wins. In 2018 

He was also nominated at Melbourne International Film Festival.

Our client had 6 projects at the different state of production with a total budget of $15,8 million of which $4,73 million has already been confirmed. These included 4 co-production projects with partners from all over the world including the Netherlands, Poland, France, Germany, the USA and Spain.

As a matter of private and business trips our client had visited many different regions of the UK and decided that London would be the best and most appropriate place for him to use his experience, network, and talent in creating new film projects in the UK. He had offers from many award-winning London based film and production companies for collaboration.

Our brilliant lawyer Aliya Rimshelis who has a vast experience in Global talent visa applications prepared all the required documents and helped to create a professional portfolio which included supporting letters from recognised leaders in film industry and unique award-winning projects that our client has been working on during the last 5 years of his career in production. Knowing all the pitfalls and Art Council’s “taste” Aliya did not leave a chance to the Endorsing body to doubt the applicant’s talent. Arts Council endorsed our client under the Exceptional Talent route which requires only 3 years of residence in the UK to qualify for settlement.

We at Sterling Law are proud to assist creative minds in achieving their goals in their professional careers. The application was submitted on 22 April 2022 and was decided in a month time.


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