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    Global Talent Successful Endorsements in few days

    Our immigration lawyer of Sterling law Alexandra Mokrova:

    Endorsement in one day.

    She has managed to obtain the Endorsement letter for the client (young fintech specialist) within 24 hours from application submission. Although the applicant had around 5 years of experience and would easier qualify for the Promise route, Alexandra made representation for exceptional talent route saving the client 2 years of additional residence in the UK prior qualifying for the ILR. As a result, the client could settle in the UK within less than 3 years as he can combine his previous Tier 2 working visa and current global talent visa for ILR purposes.


    Endorsement in three days.

    Alexandra Mokrova managed to submit another application for endorsement for Russian national within the first week of Russia’s invasion to Ukraine. She promptly got a decision under Exceptional Talent category. He got an endorsement within three days of submission of the application which was the 01 March 2022 by TechNation. We submitted an application for the Stage 2 and although currently there are significant delays in application process, we got Global Talent visa granted in a month and a half time. The client has managed to move to the UK and started working on his new project in the field of medical technology.


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    In the past 6 months, many things have changed. We were able to achieve a lot of positive results for our Global Talent clients and would be glad to share our experience with you.

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