Successful Endorsement by the TechNation

Aliya Rimshelis 03.08.2022

Successful Endorsement  by the TechNation received on 12 April 2022.

The applicant is Belarusian national who has an experience in growing and consulting multiple health tech digital start-ups. After receiving a medical diploma in Belarus State Medical University, she developed an interest in preventive medicine. She then joined 10 biggest in revenue pharmaceutical companies in the world and was responsible for product management of neurology and cardiology portfolio. After successful establishment of an online health school 

She helped to train almost 200 clinicians and over 4000 of patients. 

In 2019-2020 our client was invited as a guest speaker on numerous conferences (TedX, Hi tech nation, Emerge,  Women40innovations summit, UNFPA “Lets talk forum”) where she shared her experience in using modern technologies to improve female health. She was offered a job as a Chief Medical Officer in 2017 at Flo Women Health app with over 230 million users.

The application was submitted on 31 March 2022.Our client had been granted an endorsement under Exceptional Talent.

Our client’s main mission is to use novel technologies to improve the health of people globally. We at Sterling Law offer our professional legal help so that every talented leader can make their dreams come true.


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