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    Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme Visa

    In case you are a resident of the member nations of the Youth Mobility Program, it is feasible that you may be sufficient for a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa that enables working and residing in the United Kingdom. Other reasons for being a guest of the country might include familiarization with the lifestyle in conjunction with the traditions of the nation, or a desire to become employed.

    The Youth Mobility Scheme in the UK offers individuals from 18 to 30 years of age, citizens of specified nations, and residents of the former colonies and the so-called British Overseas Territories access to and departure from the UK.

    Keep in touch with our attorneys to arrange the journey and prepare for the adventure of your life with a UK Youth Mobility Visa.



    The conditions you are required to meet in order to be granted a YMP document

    A YMS visa may be obtained if you contemplate to reside and also find your occupation in the UK for as long as and no longer than two years. You are requested to possess £2,530 in the bank during your application procedure plus proof of financial sponsorship from your relatives should you ever encounter difficulties with unemployment, or simply need some extra money.

    Incidentally, unlike student visas, YMP enables you not only to study but also to earn some extra income legally and have a job in Great Britain, which can be a very rewarding experience in life. Sadly, however, not every country’s young citizens can be granted the document. Only applicants of unique sort of British citizenship and from certain countries or territories may be granted such a visa:

    • 30,000 spots for Australian citizens
    • 1,000 spots for Iceland citizens
    • 1,000 spots for Monaco citizens
    • 13,000 spots for New Zealand citizens
    • 6,000 spots for Canadian citizens
    • 1,000 spots for San Marino citizens

    Young people from the following territories must be picked in the Youth Mobility Scheme ballot:

    • 1,500 spots for Japan
    • 1,000 spots for Hong Kong
    • 1,000 spots for South Korea
    • 1,000 spots for Taiwan

    Applicable for:

    • Overseas citizens
    • Overseas Territories citizens
    • BN(O) citizens

    It appears to be essential to bear in mind that a visa under this subcategory is granted only once in a lifetime for a maximum term of 2 years without the benefit of switching to any other immigration category.

    Regrettably, no Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa extension is permitted. Moreover, the existence of underage kids interferes with your capacity to qualify for such a visa, although it is permissible to deliver a baby in the UK, albeit promptly contacting the responsible authorities to replace the type of entry permit you obtained.

    No permanent residence status is allowed since the total duration of your stay in the UK is not recognized as part of the required amount of time to acquire a residence permit with other national visas. Nevertheless, jobs are available to YMS visa holders, except in sports-related professions.

    Fees and Deadlines

    For all the opportunities that the YMS visa grants, you spend £298 at the embassy. Plan your departure well in advance preferably applying for a Youth Mobility Visa UK six months prior. Applications are submitted online. All documents are normally considered over 3 weeks, although occasionally applicants are expected to wait a longer term.

    Necessary documentation for visa submission

    The list of supporting materials for the visa application process in no way differs from the other standard visa types, perhaps it’s one of the simplest to arrange.

    A passport containing an empty page to make it possible for your visa to be stamped there will be required. As previously stated it is essential to hold 2,530 pounds plus a bank statement proving you have the money. However, if these materials are not in Welsh or English, the documents have to be translated and notarized.

    The basic paperwork has been outlined, whilst the non-mandatory ones include the TB test results. Additional papers may be required in accordance with your circumstances, however, our company will easily guide you through the process of acquiring them.

    Our assistance

    Sterling Law provides assistance in all matters concerning all types of Talent & Work Visas. Our experts are highly experienced in handling the most complicated visa situations. We will provide professional assistance at all stages of obtaining a British T5 Youth Mobility Visa. Contact us for more information.


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