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    Global Talent TechNation Requirements


    A Global Talent visa allows highly skilled individuals who are leaders, or individuals with high potential to be a leader, in academia or research, arts and culture, or digital technology to come and work in the UK. 

    To be able to apply for a Global Talent visa, you must first apply for, and be successful, endorsed by a Home Office approved organisation. Those individuals applying in the digital technology field will need to be endorsed by Tech Nation. 

    Tech Nation welcome applications from founders and employees with technical or business backgrounds, including all tech sub-sectors like fintech, AI, cyber, and games. 

    Technical applicants (i.e. programmers) from non-technical organisations are eligible, as are non-technical applicants (i.e. business roles) from technical organisations are eligible.

    Tech Nation defines technical and business applicants as follows:

    Technical applicants must demonstrate proven technical expertise with the latest technologies in building, using, deploying or exploiting a technology stack and building technical infrastructure. 

    Business applicants must demonstrate a proven commercial, investment, or product expertise in building digital products or leading investments in significant digital product businesses.

    You may qualify as a technical applicant if you have skills in the following areas:

    • DevOps / SysOps engineers
    • Principal software engineers/developers
    • Experienced data scientists/data engineers
    • Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language
    • Processing and Machine Learning experts (AI, NLP, ML)
    • Cybersecurity experts
    • Hardware engineers
    • Experienced front-end developers
    • Operating systems engineers
    • Experienced video game developers
    • Experienced UX/UI designers
    • Experienced Mobile App developers
    • Experienced back end developers leading development of, or contributing heavily to major new technologies or open-source projects (e.g. blockchain, Scala, Golang, Elasticsearch etc)
    • CTO or VP engineering experience managing teams of in-house employees at a growing digital business
    • Virtual and augmented reality developers


    You may qualify as a business applicant if you have skills in the following areas:


    • Experience of leading substantial VC investment over £25m GBP
    • Experience as a commercial/business lead (P&L, growth, sales and distribution strategy) in a digital business
    • Experience of expanding or growing a significant product-led digital technology business
    • Sector-specific experience e.g. payment infrastructure in FinTech / international expansion in EdTech etc.
    • Solution sales experts
    • Experienced Product Manager
    • SaaS or enterprise sales leadership for digital services
    • Solution sales skills performed for a growing B2B digital business (i.e. not big-company experience)
    • Performance marketing experts, performed in house for digital businesses
    • Experienced and senior VC or PE analysts with track records of leading investments in digital businesses
    • Experience as C Suite in a SMEs + (CEO, CMO, CIO) or head of operations for a digital business


    It is important to bear in mind that the above lists are examples and non-exhaustive. Each application will be decided on a case-by-case basis and particularly on the strength of the supporting documents submitted. 


    The Global Talent visa can be granted up to 5 years. There is the potential to settle in the UK after only 3 years if endorsed by Tech Nation. 

    Moreover, successful applicants are able to bring their family members (spouse/partner and children under 18 years of age) with them


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