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    Global Talent Visa Successful Case for IT Platform Entrepreneur

    In the year 2023, we successfully concluded yet another case under the UK Global Talent Visa programme. Our cadre of specialists meticulously assembled a significant volume of documentation to showcase our client’s prowess and international acclaim.

    Additionally, we secured an endorsement from the accrediting body. This time, our client is an adept entrepreneur in the realm of IT platforms, boasting extensive experience as both a Product Manager and CEO.

    We encountered another client faced with the dilemma of selecting an industry to focus on, given their extensive array of achievements and accolades. As a result of numerous consultations and discussions on the specifics of the case, as well as consistent communication and interaction with the client during the application process, the decision was made to refer the case to an authorised body.

    The entirety of the case preparation, encompassing the collection of all pertinent evidence and submission of the visa endorsement application, typically spans a period of around three months. Our team maintained continuous communication with all clients throughout the process, ensuring comprehensive dissemination of information. This methodology optimises the utilisation of available resources and enhances the likelihood of a favourable outcome.

    Careful scrutiny of the official guidelines reveals that the endorsement process for a Stage 1 application should not exceed 8 weeks (2 months). Following the receipt of endorsement for the Global Talent Visa, the applicant must proceed with a second application for the subsequent stage, a process usually consuming two months. It is pertinent to note that both applications may experience processing delays beyond the specified criteria.

    Returning to the initial decision-making phase of the client, following the submission of the endorsement application, a prompt determination was reached. The client received a favourable decision from the endorsing authority within a mere six weeks. Furthermore, processing of the second visa application for the subsequent stage was completed within approximately 1 month, yielding another positive outcome. Consequently, the client acquired the Global Talent visa in under six months, enabling her relocation to the United Kingdom with her family and initiation of their journey towards citizenship. Should you seek assistance in securing a Global Talent Visa in the UK, we remain at your disposal.

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