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    Proxy marriage spouse visa case from Syria approved

    Jekaterina Trubina, a highly regarded immigration lawyer in the UK, has once again proven her expertise in the field by successfully obtaining a spouse visa for a client with unique circumstances. The case involved a foreign national married to a UK citizen, living outside of the UK at the time of application – a situation that presented an additional layer of complexity.

    Trubina’s decade-long experience in UK immigration law helped her navigate the intricacies of the process and support her client in gathering all the necessary documentation and evidence to support their application. She worked closely with her client, developing a personalized strategy to tackle the specific challenges of their case.

    One of Trubina’s greatest strengths is her effective communication with the UK Home Office, ensuring that any questions or concerns they had about the application were addressed promptly. The successful approval of the spouse visa is a significant accomplishment for both Trubina and her client, highlighting the essential role of immigration lawyers in helping individuals and families achieve their immigration goals.

    In addition to her success in the spouse visa case, Trubina shared some insightful comments about a proxy marriage spouse visa case that she handled for a client from Syria. She noted that while proxy marriage is not considered valid in the UK, there are certain prerequisites that, if met, may make it valid for immigration purposes. Trubina also emphasized the importance of researching marriage laws in different countries and recommended that her client meet his spouse in person before applying for the visa, a requirement that can often be overlooked.

    Trubina’s dedication to her clients and commitment to excellence in her work set her apart in the field of immigration law. Her success in these cases is a testament to her skills and expertise, and if you are in need of immigration services in the UK, she is the lawyer to call. Despite the challenges presented by complex cases, Trubina’s tireless efforts can help you achieve your immigration goals.

    We at Sterling Law are dedicated to bringing every client’s matter to a successful conclusion as efficiently as possible. We use our best endeavours to secure leave without having to go through lengthy and costly appeal procedures to save time and money for our clients.

    Jekaterina Trubina

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