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    Sterling Law Successfully Obtains Sponsor Licence for Tech Start-up

    Sterling Law is proud to announce that Oksana Demyanchuk and Michael Carter have successfully obtained a Sponsor Licence for a tech start-up. The start-up, which was incorporated in the UK in November 2022, approached Sterling Law for assistance in obtaining a Sponsor Licence to enable them to sponsor their CEO and co-founder, who was not a UK resident.

    At the time of application, the start-up was going through its first round of fundraising and establishing its operations in the UK. The success of the application was essential for the company to bring in the CEO and co-founder, without whom the business would have struggled to develop and grow.

    Obtaining a Sponsor Licence in a short period of time was of utmost importance. The Start-up had just started operations in the UK and could not afford to lose any time in recruiting top talent.

    Sterling Law’s experienced immigration lawyers Oksana and Michael assessed the start-up’s needs and provided comprehensive advice on the requirements for obtaining the Sponsor Licence. They also identified potential issues and provided practical solutions to avoid delays.

    We also made use of the Home Office priority service, which enabled them to obtain the Sponsor Licence within a matter of weeks from the start-up’s initial incorporation as a private limited company in the UK. This expedited service was essential for the start-up to continue its fundraising efforts and establish its business in the UK.

    Once the Sponsor Licence was granted, Oksana and Michael worked tirelessly to secure a Skilled Worker visa for the CEO and co-founder to enable the start-up to continue its fundraising efforts and establish its business in the UK.

    Oksana’s and Michael’s experience in immigration law and their ability to provide innovative solutions to complex immigration problems enabled this start-up to obtain a Sponsor Licence quickly and efficiently. If you are a start-up looking to establish your business in the UK or a business looking to bring in top talent from overseas, contact Oksana Demyanchuk today for expert advice and assistance: oksana@sterling-law.co.uk

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