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    Successful cases in obtaining Pre-settled status and ILR grant

    Successful Pre-settled status obtained

    Our talented lawyers at Sterling Law have once again, proved that no matter how complicated a set of circumstances they are presented with, they will rise up and provide nothing short of the best outcome for their clients!

    Our caseworker Ayat Robyn, along with our team of lawyers recently handled the appeal from a refusal of a European family permit for our client from Ukraine and managed to get him a pre-settled status after the successful appeal. Our client had, unfortunately, entered the UK illegally and this was, of course, working against him in his bid to obtain a pre-settled status. An additional complication was that our client resides in the UK as a dependant of his sister. Our lawyers first handled the appeal successfully; once the court order came through, our immigration team took over and applied for a pre-settled status for our client as the European Family Permit is no longer an available route. Over the course of six months, the Home Office reverted with repeated requests for additional documents and evidence, which our lawyers patiently provided. After six months of patient waiting, our client was rewarded with a pre-settled and we could not be happier for him!

    ILR granted in record time

    Sterling Law continues to achieve the impossible, with its team of incredible lawyers. Our team led by Ayat Robyn recently achieved a record result of obtaining the Indefinite Leave to Remain (down the spouse visa route) for our client in a record time of 1 month, without applying for any kind of priority service! The usual time taken by the Home Office to revert in ILR applications is six months.

    Our client was diagnosed with cancer shortly before we filed her ILR application. Our lawyers made an application to the Home Office citing her medical condition and requesting certain discretionary exemptions as listed in the guidelines. Although cancer is not listed as a qualifying medical condition to warrant exemptions, our lawyers took a chance and the Home Office granted our client the exemptions. Our client did not have to take the Life in the UK or the English Language tests, both of which are required to be submitted in an ILR application.

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