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    Jamison R. Firestone

    Attorney (New York), Registered Foreign Lawyer (England & Wales)


    Areas of Expertise

    Corporate and Corporate Finance
    Start-ups and Emerging Markets
    Sanctions, Delisting & Licencing
    Multi-jurisdictional litigation
    Anti-Corruption and Human Rights
    Asylum and Extradition
    Investigations and Asset Tracing

    About Jamison

    Jamison is a businessman lawyer who established the first independent foreign law firm in Russia and managed it for two decades.

    He has extensive experience structuring start-ups taking into consideration complex issues of multi- jurisdictional taxation. He is also an expert in doing business in emerging markets where rule of law is lax. This enables him to advise on structuring operations in ways to compensate for failings in local legal systems.

    Since 2007 Jamison has been involved in some of the largest anti-corruption cases and human rights cases concerning Russia. His experience with these types of cases gives him an in-depth understanding of cases involving political pressure, corruption, fraud, and human rights violations which come before English courts and tribunals.

    Jamison also coordinates multi-jurisdictional litigation, especially in cases involving fraud where there is an ongoing risk of asset stripping. Much of his work involves investigation and asset tracing for clients who have been defrauded or who are beneficiaries of wills or trusts with less than cooperative executors and trustees.

    Sanctions work is a large part of Jamison’s practice. He advises his clients on compliance issues, delisting, and obtaining licences from various licencing bodies.

    As part of his pro bono work Jamison works on matters of expanding and tightening sanctions to fight corruption and human rights abuses, and to aid Ukraine.

    Jamison is a member of the board of directors of World Chess, PLC which promotes the mass market appeal of chess globally and holds the exclusive rights to the International Chess Federation online gaming platform. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of a UK registered charity, Aid For Ukraine Ltd., which provides support to Ukrainian refugees who have fled to the European Union as a result of the war in Ukraine.

    Jamison is the author of numerous articles and an upcoming book about recent Russian history. He has been featured on the BBC, Bloomberg, CBC, SKY and in several documentaries.

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