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    Otabek Gulomov

    Trainee Solicitor

    e-mail: otabek@sterling-law.co.uk

    tel.: +442045244625

    About Otabek:

    Otabek Gulomov is a highly skilled legal professional with expertise in intellectual property law, employment law, human rights law, and equity and trusts. He graduated from the University of Greenwich Law School with merits and gained valuable experience working in various legal settings. Otabek worked as a caseworker at the Innocence Project London and as a student advisor at the University of Greenwich Student Advice Centre. He joined Sterling Law in June 2021 as an intern and progressed rapidly to become a trainee solicitor in October 2022. Otabek specializes in complex asylum cases, as well as handling more straightforward immigration and family law matters, achieving favorable outcomes in over 200 cases. His exceptional command of English, analytical skills, and dedication to his clients make him a highly sought-after legal professional.

    Areas of Expertise:

    • Immigration Law
    • Property Law
    • Employment Law
    • Human Rights Law


    • Successfully obtained QLD (QD) with merits in June 2022
    • Took Level 1 Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme in March 2022
    • IAAS: Casework Assistant Exam Preparation – 13 March 2023
    • WEB 1174 Legal Aid 101
    • WEB 1183 Asylum Law after the Nationality and Borders Act Conference

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