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    How long does the Global Talent Process takes?


    If you decide to apply for a Global Talent Visa yourself, please refer to the steps listed below, along with their corresponding timelines.

    Step 1: Research and Identification (1-2 months)

    • Research global talent programs in your field.
    • Identify eligibility and criteria.
    • Choose the program that fits best.

    Step 2: Self-Assessment and Skill Enhancement (3-6 months)

    • Evaluate your skills objectively.
    • Plan for skill improvement.
    • Undertake courses or projects to build expertise.

    Step 3: Achievements and Portfolio (6-12 months)

    • Work on impactful projects.
    • Document your achievements.
    • Build a robust portfolio.

    Step 4: Networking and Collaborations (3-6 months)

    • Connect with industry experts.
    • Engage in global collaborations.

    Step 5: Application and Documentation (1-2 months)

    • Gather the necessary documents.
    • Create a compelling application.

    Step 6: Application Submission and Review (2-4 months)

    • Submit your application and await review.
    • Prepare for potential interviews.

    Step 7: Endorsement Decision (1-2 months)

    • Receive the endorsement decision.
    • Follow the program’s guidance.

    Step 8: Showcasing and Utilizing (Ongoing)

    • Utilize the endorsement for career growth.
    • Maintain your network and contributions.

    Based on our experience, there have been cases where we were able to prepare and receive a successful decision within a span of 1-2 months. These scenarios applied across various endorsing bodies such as TechNation, Arts Council, Royal Society, and more.

    If you have all the necessary documents readily available and can provide them to us, we are committed to expediting the process to the best of our ability.

    If you wish to proceed with the Global Talent assessment, you can Check your chances for Global Talent with our test.


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