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    Sterling Lawyers Secure Victory in Complex Immigration Appeal

    Sterling Lawyers (Edward Meade, Otabek Gulomov, Diana Bondarenko) have triumphed in a complex immigration appeal, overcoming numerous challenges and adversities posed by the Home Office. Their unwavering commitment has borne fruit, securing permission for the client to remain in the UK.

    The client originally came to the UK on a student visa and eventually met his future wife. The client applied for leave to remain as a partner several times but it was unsuccessful. Despite compelling circumstances, the initial refusal of the application marked the beginning of a complex legal battle.

    The hurdles in this case were substantial. The Home Office cast doubt on the authenticity of the relationship between our client and their spouse, underscoring the absence of documentary evidence substantiating their claim. The client’s situation was further complicated by a previous application refusal and the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the face of these challenges, the dedicated team at Sterling Lawyers approached the case with meticulous care, guiding the client through a complex appeal process to achieve a resounding victory.

    In conclusion, the Tribunal granted the appeal, providing our client with the legal right to remain in the UK and reunite with their family. The Tribunal acknowledged the exceptional circumstances and the errors made by the Home Office in the client’s case.

    This remarkable victory serves as a testament to Sterling Lawyers’ unwavering dedication and professionalism in the intricate realm of immigration law. When faced with a daunting and perplexing situation, do not lose hope—Sterling Lawyers will steadfastly work to achieve a favorable outcome.

    Edward Meade

    Otabek Gulomov

    Diana Bondarenko

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