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    Jekaterina Trubina Approved by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner

    In an exciting development for Sterling Law and its clients. Jekaterina Trubina, a distinguished member of the Sterling Law firm, has successfully obtained authorization to provide immigration advice and offer immigration services at Level 3 (the highest possible level). This approval signifies Trubina’s expertise in the field and her ability to assist clients with their immigration needs.

    Under the authorization granted by the OISC, Jekaterina Trubina is now qualified to offer immigration advice and services in the most complex immigration applications, appeals, bail applications and pre-action stages of the JR. This comprehensive range of services ensures that clients will have access to expert guidance and support throughout their immigration journey.

    Jekaterina Trubina is renowned for her commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Trubina’s extensive knowledge and experience in immigration matters will undoubtedly enhance the firm’s ability to provide comprehensive and effective legal solutions to clients.

    Clients engaging with Sterling Law and seeking immigration advice can have confidence in the expertise and professionalism of Jekaterina Trubina. As an authorized Level 3 adviser, she possesses the necessary qualifications and understanding of the intricacies of immigration law to guide clients through the complexities of their cases.

    This latest approval by the OISC further cements Sterling Law’s position as a leading immigration firm dedicated to providing top-tier services and upholding the highest professional standards. Clients can expect exceptional guidance and support from Jekaterina Trubina as she is ready to make a positive impact on individuals’ lives and their immigration journeys.

    For further inquiries or to seek immigration advice and services, individuals are encouraged to contact Sterling Law and request a consultation with Jekaterina Trubina, an authorized Level 3 adviser who is well-equipped to assist with a wide range of immigration matters.

    Jekaterina Trubina

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