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    Another Sterling Law member has qualified as an Immigration Lawyer


    Sterling Law is thrilled to announce a significant milestone within its team. Tetiana Shpirak, a dedicated and hardworking member of the Sterling Law family, has officially been qualified as an Immigration Lawyer.

    Tetiana’s journey to becoming a qualified Immigration Lawyer is a testament to her unwavering commitment, diligent efforts, and profound dedication to the field of immigration law. She has consistently demonstrated her passion for helping clients navigate the complexities of immigration law, and her achievement is well-deserved.

    With her newfound qualification, Tetiana will continue to be a valuable asset to Sterling Law’s immigration practice, contributing her expertise to a range of areas within UK immigration law and EU law. Her areas of specialization include entry clearance applications, further leave to remain applications, and various other pertinent aspects of immigration law.

    Tetiana’s Areas of Expertise:

    1. Entry Clearance Applications: Tetiana has a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in securing entry clearance to the UK. She has successfully assisted numerous clients in obtaining the necessary permissions to enter the country.
    2. Permitted Paid Engagement Visas: Tetiana is well-versed in the specific requirements and procedures related to Permitted Paid Engagement Visas, helping clients engage in paid work or activities in the UK.
    3. Family Immigration Applications: Family immigration matters can be complex, and Tetiana excels in assisting families in reuniting and navigating the immigration process.
    4. Corporate Immigration: Tetiana has a keen understanding of the immigration needs of businesses and is skilled in helping corporate clients navigate the immigration system.
    5. Settlement and British Citizenship: Tetiana has guided clients through the process of obtaining settlement status and British citizenship, enabling them to establish permanent residency in the UK.
    6. Innovator Founder Visas: Tetiana’s expertise extends to Innovator Founder visas, supporting entrepreneurs and innovators in establishing and growing their businesses in the UK.

    “We are immensely proud of Tetiana’s achievement,” said Ruslan Kosarenko, senior partner at Sterling Law. “Her qualification as an Immigration Lawyer is a testament to her dedication and expertise in the field. We are confident that Tetiana will continue to excel in her role, providing invaluable assistance to our clients.”

    Tetiana Shpirak’s qualification marks a significant moment in her career and adds another layer of expertise to Sterling Law’s immigration practice. With her deep knowledge of immigration law and commitment to delivering exceptional service, Tetiana is well-equipped to help clients achieve their immigration goals.

    For inquiries or assistance with immigration matters, please contact Sterling Law’s dedicated team, including Tetiana Shpirak, Immigration Lawyer.

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