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    Will Tech Nation stop endorsing visa applicants for the Global Talent category?


    The Home Office has been informed about Tech Nation’s decision to stop its operations. Despite this, the Global Talent visa program will continue for the time being. It remains unclear what the future holds for the endorsement process of Tech Nation. The Home Office is said to be collaborating with Tech Nation to maintain the Digitech component of the Global Talent visa, however, it is only temporary. The UK government has yet to respond to the announcement by Tech Nation publicly.

    At present, the Home Office is working to secure the short-term future of the tech visa and is exploring its options for the long-term. The Home Office has promised that applicants already enrolled in the Global Talent route will not be negatively impacted by Tech Nation’s closure.

    It’s unfortunate that the Home Office has not made any plans for the continuation of the visa program or for a replacement for Tech Nation, despite its funding having been discontinued for some time now. The UK’s economy is fragile and needs tech talent, making it an unfavourable time for the government to question its commitment to such a crucial sector.

    The UK tech sector has been growing at a rate of 7% annually and now supports around three million jobs. The government’s Digital Strategy 2022 aims to establish the country as a Global Science and Tech Superpower, attracting investment and innovation. Foreign investment is crucial for the development of the digital economy.

    As countries around the world offer attractive visa policies, competition for talent and investment is increasingly intense. Founders and investors will be cautious when making decisions, and any immigration policy that makes it challenging to access talent will deter them. The Home Office is urged to act quickly in creating a successor to the Tech Nation visa that is accessible, flexible, and affordable, to ensure that the UK tech sector does not fall behind.

    We at Sterling Law would like to bring to your attention the fact that due to changes within the organisation of Tech Nation, there is a high likelihood that the criteria for evaluation and the application review process may be altered. In light of this, we highly recommend that you submit your application through Tech Nation as soon as possible.

    Our firm has extensive experience in dealing with applications to Tech Nation and we are well-versed in the process, requirements, and standards involved. It would be our pleasure to assist you in navigating this process in a timely and efficient manner.

    We kindly suggest that you take advantage of our expertise and submit your application through the endorsement as soon as possible.

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