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    Marriage Visitor Visa

    UK Marriage Visitor visa is required when a couple wants to get married or register a civil partnership, notify of a union in the United Kingdom. However, it is not envisaged that the applicants will remain in the country after the procedure.



    Qualification UK Marriage Visitor visa requirements

    Applicants must:

    • reach the age of majority (18 years old at the time of visa application)
    • have time to complete all the desired actions and draw up documents within 6 months of the arrival
    • genuine demonstrate the sincerity of their relationship
    • move from the UK to their country
    • not stay in the UK for an extended period of time due to permanent or consecutive visits
    • be able to fully provide for themselves financially, have the means to return to their homeland

    How to authenticate a relationship?

    An important point is the application of evidence that the spouses or partners are well acquainted. The reviewer can ask key questions about how the relationship has developed, asking for dates, meeting places, correspondence, joint trips, etc. Proof of the authenticity of the relationship can be a lease agreement or a certificate of registration of rights, as well as confirmation of a mortgage loan.

    Marriage Visitor visa and Fiancé visa – Differences

    You can get married on a Tourist visa UK. Two applicants apply for a Visitor Marriage visa only if they do not want to stay in the Britain. In any case, they leave in six months. For permanent residence, the couple must obtain a Fiancé visa.

    Documents required by law for obtaining a visa

    You must have a valid passport (does not expire during the visit) or travel documents. It is possible to show evidence of future plans for partnerships. For example, Marriage Visitor visa supporting documents may be those indicating where the spouses will live, bank statements or payslips, checks.

    Applicants who were previously married must provide documentary evidence that they are no longer in union and can legally marry. Divorce or death (if the past partner is deceased) certificate must be submitted.

    What cannot be done while in the UK with a visa

    While in the UK, the applicants cannot:

    • claim money from the government (benefits)
    • bring dependents (relatives)
    • apply for a transition to another visa or for an extension of the received visa
    • study
    • work – other than work-related activities such as attending meetings, conferences

    How to apply for a UK Wedding visa and how much it costs

    After submitting an online application, verifying the identity of applicants and processing documents, a decision on issuing a visa usually comes within 3 weeks. You will have to pay £115 to apply.

    How can we help?

    The lawyers of our company have extensive experience, provide competent assistance in the legal field to those who are going to apply for a UK visa for marriage. We offer the services of immigration specialists, advice on the application procedure, and collection of documents. Cooperation with us will help increase the chances of a positive result on your visa application.


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