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    Adult Dependent Relative visa

    What is an Adult Dependent Relative visa?

    An Adult Dependent Relative visa (also known as the ADR) is the document that permits a relative of the main visa holder to reside with them in the country. This particular visa is designed specifically for cases, in which the relative needs long term care that would be provided by the main visa holder.

    This is one of the very few visas that allows the main visa holder to take aged and/or ailing parents or siblings with them, when they travel to the United Kingdom. Naturally, the requirements for an ADR are rather strict, and only people who legitimately need to take care of their relatives will manage to obtain the document for them.

    Who can apply for an Adult Dependent Relative visa?

    The range of people who can apply for an Adult Dependent visa is quite limited, as it only includes the closest relatives possible. Parents and grandparents may apply for this visa in case they need care from the main visa holder who is also known as the sponsor.

    The next group of people eligible for an ADR includes brothers and sisters of the sponsor. They need to be adults to apply. The last group of people accepted for this document is children, who also have to be at least eighteen years old. It is worth mentioning that adult children might be eligible for other dependent visas, in case they are still on full financial support of their sponsor. Therefore, they should only apply for an ADR in case they specifically need long term care from the sponsor.

    Requirements for an Adult Dependent Relative visa

    As already mentioned, to have the application for a UK dependent visa for parents or other relatives approved, it is necessary to provide the required evidence of them being in need of the sponsor’s care. More specifically, it means that the person has to be unable to perform crucial daily tasks.

    The second requirement suggests that the dependent is unable to receive the care they require in the country they currently reside at. For example, this is applicable, when the sponsor is the only relative that can look after the person properly. Alternatively, the sponsor can also prove that the costs of arranging for the requisite level of care in the relative’s country of residence are disproportionate to what the sponsor may spend if the relative stays with the sponsor in the UK.

    The next criterion implies that the sponsor will be able to support the dependent financially, without needing to ask for public funds. This benefit is not available with most visas, so it is crucial that the financial aspect of the matter is resolved beforehand.

    Certainly, there is a number of requirements applied to the caregiver in the UK, namely:

    • to be living in the UK permanently;
    • to be a British citizen;
    • to be settled in the UK;
    • to have refugee status or humanitarian protection in the UK.

    How to apply for an Adult Dependent Relative visa?

    To submit an ADR application, it is necessary to visit the website of the Home Office, and find the corresponding section there. Before initiating the process, it is necessary to get all the documents and evidence that is required, ready. First of all, the dependent should prepare their passports and the documentary evidence of their relationship with the sponsor.

    As it is required to prove to the Home Office that the dependent needs the sponsor to take care of them, the corresponding documents should be prepared as well. This might include medical statements; for example, proving the dependent has an illness that makes them unable to support themselves.

    Then, it is important to collect the documents that would prove the dependent is unable to receive the care they require in their current location. It may either be required to prove there is no one left to take care of the dependent or that it is impossible to remotely support them financially.

    The last pieces of evidence required for the application are related to the sponsor. Firstly, it will be necessary to prove they will be able to provide the dependent with the accommodation and care they require. In most cases, it involves presenting the Home Office with the information about the sponsor’s current residence. Secondly, it will be necessary for the sponsor to prove they are able to support the dependent financially for the duration of their stay in the United Kingdom.

    What if your application for an ADR visa is refused?

    The criteria that have to be matched in order to obtain the Adult Dependant visa are very strict, so there is no surprise the applications get refused regularly. Even though there are many requirements that have to be met, the most common reasons for a refusal are rather simple. Refusals mostly happen because the Home Office decides the dependent is capable of receiving the care they need in their current country.

    In case a refusal happens, it is possible to challenge it in court, although it is always better to cover all possible grounds for a refusal before submitting the application in the first place. It is crucial to comprehend that this specific visa is designed for cases, in which there is no other option for the dependent to receive the care that is vital for them. It is always suggested consulting with professional lawyers to maximize the chances of having the application approved.

    How can we help?

    The good news is that the team of Sterling Law is ready to help your family in a difficult situation. Our lawyers have the experience required to provide legal help that would increase the chances of the ADR visa being issued for the dependent. We will be glad to review your case with an individual approach, and our solicitors will always tell you beforehand, if the chances of an approval are low in your situation.

    Our office is located in London, and we will be happy to meet the sponsors who require help with moving their relatives to the United Kingdom. In case this is not a comfortable option, it is also possible to have a consultation online. Fill out the form on this page and we will reach out in no time.

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