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    UK Short Term Study Visa

    What is a Short-Term Study visa?

    As its name suggests, a UK Short-Term Study visa is a visa that permits a student to legally reside in the UK and pursue a specified course for a short period of time. The name, however, does not cover everything the person is required to know about the visa before submitting an application.

    Firstly, the visa is only provided to students who come to the United Kingdom in order to study the English language. For other subjects and courses, another permitting document might be needed. In order to qualify for this visa, the duration of the course studied should be between six and eleven months long. For courses up to 6 months, individuals can instead apply for a Standard visitor visa.

    Unlike other visas that are granted for a longer term, this visa only provides the holder with a limited range of rights. Essentially, the person can only live and study English during their stay in the United Kingdom with this visa. This document does not allow the applicant to bring dependents to the country.

    Eligibility requirements for a Short-Term Study visa

    As it is a short-term visa, the requirements are relatively mild. Applicants must:

    • be 16 or older when they apply;
    • be accepted onto an English language course that is no longer than 11 months in duration with an accredited provider.

    It will be also necessary to prove that the course complies with all the requirements and that the person has enough funds to support themselves financially throughout their stay in the United Kingdom. The latter includes the funds required to travel to and from the country.

    For those who are younger than eighteen years old, it will also be necessary to provide the Home Office with consent from the parents and the details about the accommodation in the country, which has to be pre-arranged in this case.

    Course requirements for a Short-Term Student Visa

    As already mentioned, to obtain a UK Short Term Student visa, the course has to be a short term English language course. Moreover, one of the requirements states that the course cannot cover any other subjects than the language. Secondly, the institution that organizes the course has to be accredited by the authorities. This parameter may be checked on the official website of the Home Office, as there is a full list of accredited institutions available.

    It is worth mentioning that state-funded schools are not on that list. Short-Term students are not eligible to benefit from public funds or services, so they won’t be able to get the document to study in such organizations.

    In addition:

    • the course does not need to lead to a specific qualification;
    • can be at any level;
    • applicants are not required to have a minimum English language ability;
    • there are no minimum hours which a student must be studying.

    Conditions of stay

    The rights of the visitor Student Visa in the UK are limited rather strictly. Most of the limitations were already mentioned throughout the article. The holder of the document cannot study any subject rather than English. They are also not eligible to switch to another course during their stay in the United Kingdom. The classes have to be provided by a non-state-funded institution.

    This visa cannot be extended, as it is designed for the sole purpose of allowing foreigners to study the language. Dependents are not allowed on this document as well. Needless to say, the holder won’t be able to apply for public funds and most other benefits.

    How to apply for a Short-Term Study visa?

    The initial applications are made online, but it is necessary to prepare the required documents first. It will also be necessary to visit the visa application center to provide the Home Office with the documents. The earliest it is possible to perform the submission is three months before the planned trip to the United Kingdom.

    The list of required documents is rather long, as it will be necessary for the student to prove their identity, financial stability, and the compatibility of the course. To do so, the person will need to submit the following documents:

    • a passport or another travel document;
    • bank statements proving they can support themselves financially;
    • travel plans;
    • proof the courses are already paid for or that the person is capable of doing so;
    • information about the course.

    Short-Term Study visa fees

    The main fee for the UK English course visa is £200. As with any other permission documents, the person will also be obliged to pay the healthcare surcharge, which equals £470 in the majority of cases. There might be additional fees applied in some specific cases, so it is worth discovering the corresponding section of the Home Office website.

    How long can you stay with the Short-Term Study visa?

    As the document is compatible with courses that last from six to eleven months, the period of its validity is adjusted to the length of the course. For the comfort of the students, the Home Office extends the period of stay by thirty days on top of the length of the course.

    As already mentioned, the document cannot be extended under any circumstances. The good news is that there is nothing stopping the holder from applying to other visas after they leave the United Kingdom and visit the country again. This short-term visa does not lead to ILR, settlement, or citizenship, but it is a great way to learn the language and get to know the country before making the decision to opt-in for a long-term route.

    What if a short-term study visa application was refused?

    Since 6 April 2021 applicants can no longer apply for an administrative review. Applicants are advised to re-apply instead.

    How can we help?

    Even though it is one of the less strict visas, it is natural for students to seek help in obtaining it. After all, it involves making multiple important decisions, discovering many details, and preparing a significant number of documents.

    The professional solicitors at Sterling Law are ready to help you with your Study visa application on all stages of the process. We will be glad to consult you on your individual case, guide you through the basics, and help with preparing the required documents for the application.

    Our office is located in London, but we also provide the consultations online. Feel free to contact us at any time: you’ll find the details on this page.

    Explore more on our Study visa page


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Short-Term Student visa?

    The Short-Term Study Visa is a type of visa that allows individuals to come to the UK for 6 to 11 months for English language courses.

    What are the requirements for applicants for a Short-Term Study visa?

    The applicant must be over 16 years of age, be accepted on an English language course of no more than 11 months’ duration at an accredited institution and have sufficient funds to support themselves financially for the duration of their stay in the UK.

    How long can I stay in the UK with a Short-Term Student visa?

    With a short-term study visa you can stay in the UK for between 6 and 11 months, depending on the duration of your course.

    Can I work in the UK with a Short-Term Study visa?

    No, you cannot work in the UK with a Short-Term Study visa. This visa is for study.

    How much does a Short-Term Study visa cost?

    The cost of a Short-Term Study visa is £200. You will also need to pay the healthcare surcharge, which in most cases is £470.

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