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    From Self-Application to Settled Status: The Tale of an Immigration Lawyer’s Complex Case

    Ayat Robyn, an immigration lawyer at Sterling Law, dealt with a complex case involving an Ukrainian national who had initially applied for settled status online but was unable to complete the process as her EU sponsor naturalised as a British citizen. To further complicate the client’s matter, the sponsor was not a biological family member but instead her sister-in-law who was an EU national married to the client’s brother. Our client was initially sponsored and brought to the UK as a dependent on the EU national. Ayat had to request a paper Form application from the Home Office and submit all evidence in hard copy by mail. The application took approximately three months to process, but bearing in mind the complexity of the case a 3 months decision was relatively quick for the EU Settlement Scheme usual processing time frame. She was eventually granted Indefinite Leave in the UK under the EU Settlement Scheme, which provided her with settled status.

    As a person with settled status, our client is now able to engage in business or occupation, be self-employed, work in the UK, use the NHS, study in the UK, access public funds, travel in and out of the UK, and access benefits and services subject to her eligibility.

    We at Sterling Law are dedicated to bringing every client’s matter to a successful conclusion as efficiently as possible. We use our best endeavours to secure leave without having to go through lengthy and costly appeal procedures to save time and money for our clients.

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