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    Global talent successful case

    Immigration lawyer Ayat Robin.

    Our client is a Ukrainian national composer and pianist with more than 10 years of professional experience who has played more than 100 solo concerts across the globe. He performed in many award winning festivals in Paris, Amsterdam, Tenerife and many others including Cannes Film Festival.

    Ayat has been appointed to represent our client in his Global talent application. Global talent route has several sub-categories one of which is arts and culture. Arts Council England can endorse applications in the field of arts and culture, encompassing combined arts, dance, literature, music, theatre, visual arts (including those working in an artistic context in galleries and museums).In order to qualify for an Arts and Culture endorsement by Arts Council England you will need to be professionally engaged in producing work of outstanding quality which has been performed, presented, distributed or exhibited internationally within the last 5 years. Ayat assisted our client in presenting his media recognition evidence in the best possible way, helped with reference letters and guided him through the whole process of endorsement and visa application stages. The Arts Council England usually takes between six to eight weeks in total from submission stage to making a decision to endorse. The client was lucky to get his endorsement within one day of submission. Timely cooperation with the client, professionalism and Ayat’s attention to details resulted in achieving brilliant results swiftly. The client immediately applied for a visa and is now in the UK and able to perform in the capital without any visa restrictions. The client has been endorsed by the Arts council under “The Exceptional Talent” criteria which allows him to be settled in 3 years.

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