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    Global Talent – Tech Nation – FinTech

    Successful Case of Global Talent Visa Endorsement for a Banking FinTech Professional

    At Sterling Law, we take pride in tackling complex immigration cases with diligence and expertise. We recently achieved significant success for a client seeking a Global Talent visa through Tech Nation, despite facing numerous challenges. Here, we share the detailed journey and ultimate success of this case, demonstrating our commitment to our clients and our capability to manage complex immigration matters.

    Background of the Case

    Our client, a prominent figure in the banking FinTech sector in Russia, sought to relocate to the UK under the Global Talent visa scheme. The client has a distinguished career, significantly contributing to the development of credit scores in Russia as a director at a major credit bureau. Extensive professional achievements, however, faced an obstacle: most of the supporting documents were older than five years, and media recognitions, although impressive, also fell outside the five-year mark.

    Initial Application and Refusal

    We submitted our client’s application for the Global Talent visa endorsement to Tech Nation, the endorsing body for digital technology talents. The application included numerous documents evidencing significant contributions to the FinTech sector, such as the client’s role in developing an innovative online credit history product, which significantly altered the collection and dissemination of credit histories in Russia.

    Despite the substantial evidence provided, Tech Nation initially refused the application. The refusal was based on the grounds that the evidence did not sufficiently demonstrate eligibility under the mandatory and optional criteria required for the endorsement. Crucially, the feedback we received referenced achievements and work unrelated to our client, suggesting a serious error in the review process.

    Request for Endorsement Review

    Recognising the critical errors in Tech Nation’s feedback, we promptly filed a request for an endorsement review. Our review application highlighted the differences and clarified that the provided evidence pertained to our client’s actual professional history and contributions. We outlined how the work met the criteria for exceptional talent, including leadership in innovative projects and significant contributions to the FinTech industry.

    Successful Endorsement

    After several weeks of consideration, Tech Nation reconsidered the application and endorsed our client’s Global Talent visa. This endorsement affirmed the client as a leading talent in the digital technology sector, acknowledging significant achievements and professional impact. The endorsement letter highlighted that Tech Nation was now satisfied that the criteria for exceptional talent were met.

    Stage 2 Application and Future Plans

    Following the successful endorsement, we assisted our client and her partner in applying for Stage 2 of the Global Talent visa. With the endorsement secured, this stage involved submitting the necessary documentation to the Home Office, which we completed promptly.

    Our client is now planning a relocation to the UK, aiming to continue innovative work in the FinTech sector. The move to the UK promises to bring substantial benefits to the local digital technology landscape, utilising expertise and leadership to drive further advancements in the field.


    This case underscores Sterling Law’s dedication to our clients and our proficiency in managing complex immigration cases. If you require assistance with immigration matters, our experienced team is here to assist you with the complexities of that process and achieve your desired outcomes.

    If you need help obtaining a visa or resolving other immigration issues, please contact Sterling Law.

    Our experienced specialists will help you understand the nuances of the legislation and develop an optimal strategy of action so that you can achieve the desired result.

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