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    Sterling Law assisted a highly skilled client in securing a Global Talent Visa

    Recently, a notable success story appeared from the efforts of Alexandra Mokrova and Nelli Tesis, who assisted a highly skilled client in securing a Global Talent Visa.

    The client in question has an extensive experience in the tech industry. Their expertise includes creating an open-source implementation for the security architecture of non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets. This architecture has been implemented by the client across multiple platforms, including cross-platform mobile applications. In addition to the development of such digital crypto products, the client has developed and managed their own open-source projects, showcasing a deep commitment to the tech community.

    Alexandra Mokrova and Nelli Tesis were tasked with building a compelling case for the client’s Global Talent Visa application. Despite the extensive portfolio, which included a significant amount of information about crypto products, the team organised and presented the client’s achievements in a concise manner. The team ensured that the portfolio highlighted the client’s unique contributions and demonstrated their impact on the tech industry.

    The efficiency of team’s work was evident in the speed of the decision-making process. Tech Nation, the endorsing body, granted their approval within a few days. This swift endorsement was followed by an equally quick visa application process, culminating in a successful outcome for the client.

    Alexandra Mokrova and Nelli Tesis also assisted the client’s family in obtaining PBS dependent visas for their four dependents. These applications were submitted promptly, and decisions were granted within six days of submission, further underscoring the team’s proficiency in handling immigration matters.

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