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    Leave outside of the Immigration Rules is granted

    Alexandra Mokrova, an immigration lawyer at Sterling Law, succeeded in a tricky case for the client with a tragic story. The client was in a relationship with her partner for many years. In 2019-2020 they decided to get married and started to plan their wedding. Then, covid-19 happened and they were unable to get married.

    After over a year’s delay, they finally managed to formalise their relationship and started preparations to apply for a spouse visa. Being unaware of an ability to combine current and previous employment for the purpose of satisfying the relatively strict financial requirements, they decided to wait until Sponsor had reached 6-months employment with their current company.

    Less than a month before the planned submission date, the Sponsor passed away as a result of a car accident. The partner came to the U.K. for a funeral on a visit visa but wanted to try her chances to obtain a leave to remain in the U.K. as she has already terminated her employment in the home country and mentally moved her life to the U.K. as well as formed lots of connections here.

    The application has been pending for almost a year and we were so happy to get a positive result. Our client can live and work in the U.K. for the next 2,5 years without worrying about her immigration status.

    Great work from our team of lawyers working on this extremely complex matter!


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