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    Tech Nation to cease operations effective 31 March 2023


    After a decade of serving the UK’s fast-growing tech sector, Tech Nation will cease its operations effective 31 March 2023. In a statement put out by the body on 31 January 2023, the reasons cited include the withdrawal of the grant from the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, which forms the organisation’s core funding source. Tech Nation has stated that in the absence of this funding, its remaining activities are no longer financially viable to continue being carried out.

    Tech Nation has been shepherding the UK tech sector in the right direction over the past decade, scrutinising organisations carefully, encouraging the growth of several tech unicorns in the country and bringing in a quality workforce from all over the world through careful scrutiny of people’s capabilities and talents. Under Tech Nation’s expert guidance, the UK’s tech industry has grown to have a formidable value of $1 trillion and employs 5 million people.

    What this means for our clients:

    Sterling Law has had a close association with Tech Nation over the past years, having handled several clients’ Global Talent applications. While we are sorry to learn that this relationship must come to an end, we are also on the lookout to determine what this means for our existing clients who have recently applied to Tech Nation for endorsements as well as those in the pipeline, ready to submit.

    Tech Nation has not yet outlined the way forward in terms of handling immigration applications from Tech Nation. However, we shall remember the recent harshening of the rules for the endorsement applicant (requesting at least a 12-month employment period for the reference letter). Thus we can expect any changes. Luckily our lawyers and caseworkers have been in touch with the representatives of Tech Nation that handle Global Talent applications, and we have been assured of a prompt response as soon as a suitable procedure is decided. We shall be updating this space as and when we receive news.

    We can help you to apply before 31st March, please use the link to book a call free assessment of your chances with us. 



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