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    Global Talent cases: Fashion Designing, Tech Nation and world-record time in receiving decisions

    Global Talent- Fashion Designing

    No matter how many curveballs are thrown their way, the lawyers at Sterling Law always manage to find skilful and creative solutions to all problems. We recently had a client who wished to apply for a global talent visa on the basis of his talents in the fashion industry. Having worked for a fashion house of great repute in New York City, our client wrote to his former employer, a very renowned fashion designer, requesting a reference letter as per the rules of the Global Talent Visa. However, this was not received well and our client’s former employer perceived this as a violation of the NDA signed by our client while working in NYC.

    A threat to sue our client was made and our lawyer Ayat Robyn had to intervene and have skillful discussions with lawyers appointed by the fashion house, assuring all parties that the letter was to be used solely for the purposes of proving our client’s calibre and not for any other purposes. Great efforts were taken to explain how the Global Talent Visa works, the confidentiality surrounding the same and that letters and documents submitted for this purpose are not reused anywhere.

    Happily for our client, our skillful intervention resulted in the fashion house not pressing any charges and even signing the letter of reference without any further qualms. Our client has now obtained endorsement and successfully switched from the graduate route to global talent!

    Global Talent Decisions Received in Record Time

    Sterling Law recently had two cases where we received decisions from the endorsing body and the Home Office in record time. Ayat Robyn, along with our team of talented lawyers led both matters. We recently acted for a celebrated and talented pianist who wished to emigrate to the UK under the Global Talent visa. We collated all required documents and applied to the Arts Council for endorsement. Arts Council usually takes 4-6 weeks to revert with their decision. However, we received the endorsement within 24 hours- this has never happened before and we are naturally thrilled to have this feather in our cap!

    Ayat Robyn also recently handled a student visa application on behalf of one of our clients. Our client unfortunately, had four previous refusals from different countries of the world, which made her UK visa application challenging. However, thanks to diligent disclosures by our lawyers and by submitting all required documents to reassure the Home Office of our client’s bona fides, we were able to get our client her student visa in just four days, when the standard processing time is significantly longer.

    Global Talent- Tech Nation

    The team at Sterling Law does love a challenging case and the most challenging ones seem to find us all the time. Our team of lawyers led by Ayat Robyn recently acted for a client in his global talent visa matter. Our client’s career is in venture capital, being involved mostly in angel investments. His CV also showed interest and prior work experience in various related fields, making it difficult to pin his expertise down to one single field. Our client wished to apply through Tech Nation and we decided to take a chance, presenting his qualifications and achievements in line with Tech Nation’s requirements. To our client’s joy, he was granted endorsement under the Exceptional Talent category without any further information being requested.

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