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    How to get a Global Talent visa decision within one week and why it is worth it to switch from a Skilled worker visa route to a Global Talent

    The applicant instructed us to assist him with his first Global Talent application to TechNation as a specialist in the Fintech industry with more than 10 years of experience in a senior position.

    Whilst our client has been travelling a lot due to opening a headquarter in London, we have been in contact with his personal assistants to collect the necessary information and documents.

    We prepared all the required evidence by collaborating primarily with his assistant and were able to submit his Stage 1 (Endorsement) application just before Christmas on 22 December 2022. His endorsement letter was received on 09 January 2023 and the client informed us that he wishes to submit his Stage 2 application immediately. It took his assistants almost a week to collect and provide us with his full travel history as our client travels a couple of times per week for business purposes. We finalised and submitted his stage 2 (Visa) application on 14 January 2023 and received a positive decision on 19 January 2023. This application was one of the quickest ones for the last couple of months in our firm.

    Our client was satisfied with our service from the very first days and referred his colleague for a Global Talent application switch from inside the UK. The second applicant is a C-level executive within our client’s company with more than 9 years of experience. He is currently on a Skilled worker visa in the UK wishing to switch to the Global Talent route to be able to get his settlement earlier. One of the reasons the Global Talent visa is a quite attractive route to applicants is that the time spent on some of the other categories can be combined into years spent as a Global Talent Migrant in the UK. We have advised on the contents of reference letters as well as 10 pieces of evidence that must be submitted with the application. The case has been instantly summarised, and we were able to apply within just 2 weeks. The applicant has successfully switched from a Skilled worker visa and will be able to apply for settlement in only 2 years’ time.


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