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    Leave to Remain as a Partner secured for a client from Ukraine

    Sterling Law continues to achieve outstanding results! Our experienced immigration lawyer, Jekaterina Trubina, has recently secured Leave to Remain for our client who came to us with a background of unfortunate circumstances.

    Our client, a national of Ukraine, entered the UK illegally in 2018 and has been living here since. He married his partner, an EU national with an EU Pre-settled status, in 2022. A few months before their wedding, they welcomed their son. As their marriage was solemnized after the cut-off date, he could not rely on the EU Settlement Scheme in making an immigration application and therefore there was a necessity to find an alternative immigration route for him to go ahead with.

    The client has previously applied for an Entry Clearance under Ukraine Scheme despite living in the UK, following ill-informed advice from a popular immigration blogger, who encouraged him to use deception in an attempt to secure leave. Surprisingly, the trick has worked and the client has even made an application for extension from inside of the UK.

    Our client then approached our offices for further advice and got very frustrated about his passion to blogging, after we made him aware of the consequences of using deception in the immigration applications. Jekaterina suggested that the best way forward would be to make a human rights claim and present the client’s current life circumstances for the Home Office to consider.

    Jekaterina has skilfully presented the case, urging the Home Office to consider the family life that the client has established with his Pre-settled partner and his child, as well as the horrific acts of killing in his home country Ukraine, which continues resisting the Russian aggression for almost a year. If the client had to return to Ukraine, he would have no other choice but to join the forces to fight against Russia, which, due to lack of military experience, would expose him to the risk of losing his life.

    Our robust representations to the Home Office were not in vain, just a day after the client’s biometric enrolment, we received a granting letter which confirmed that our client was allowed to remain in the UK with his family.

    Jekaterina Trubina


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